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Tax Exclusion For Sale Of Qualified Small Business Stock
The issuing corporation must be a C corporation for substantially all of the period during which you held the stock.
United States
26 Jul 2019
Complying With Federal Partnership Audit Rules
Q: My business is an LLC taxable as a partnership and has only a few members. I understand that the new federal partnership audit rules may require me to name a "partnership representative."
United States
7 Jan 2019
The Pass-Through Business Income Deduction
To the surprise of many, the federal tax legislation that was the focus of last fall's Congressional session, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (the "TJCA"), was enacted December 22 ...
United States
16 May 2018
Using An Advisory Board As A Planning Tool
Only a third of family businesses survive from the founding generation to the next.
United States
21 Mar 2018
Preparing For A 'Border Adjustment Tax'
What is the proposed "border adjustment tax," and what does it mean for businesses?
United States
20 Apr 2017
Before The Sale: Tax Planning For Business Owners
As the baby boomers age, we are witnessing what many have described as the largest transfer of wealth from one generation to another.
United States
19 Aug 2015
The New Hampshire Interest And Dividends Tax
The I&D tax does apply to the usual suspects: interest from bonds, promissory notes and debts owed to the taxpayer, and dividends paid on corporate stock, among others.
United States
8 Jul 2015
Trademark Genericide: Lessons As Close As Your Driveway
After a US removal firm won $62m in damages in a genericide case, McLane, Graf, Raulerson & Middleton’s Beverly E Hjorth reviews how to build a strong brand.
United States
10 Dec 2014
Applying Taxes Correctly for Massachusetts Clients
My business has provided services for Massachusetts clients for years without paying much Massachusetts tax.
United States
7 Aug 2014
Taking Advantage Of The "Carried Interest Loophole"
For the company looking to motivate and reward managers or executives, a profits interest provides a pathway to an economic stake in the company, without requiring upfront capital investment or payment of income tax.
United States
26 Feb 2014
The New Medicare Taxes In The Affordable Care Act: Who Will Pay What?
Although there is much uncertainty over tax rates due to the expiration of the Bush tax cuts and the upcoming debate in Congress about extending them, taxes for high income individuals will certainly rise in 2013.
United States
11 Dec 2012
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