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Where there is a Will, there is a way
The reality is, the time to plan your estate and make a Will is now, because when you do need it, it will be too late.
New Zealand
23 Sep 2019
Diversity for goodness sake?
Businesses with staff from a variety of backgrounds and experiences are more likely to make a greater contribution.
New Zealand
21 Sep 2019
Prenups – not just for the rich and famous
A prenup allows you to contract out of the Property (Relationships) Act and set your own rules for division of property.
New Zealand
21 Sep 2019
Fresh plans for freshwater – government proposes reform
Brief overview of key proposals & consultation timeframes in relation to the "Action for Healthy Waterways" discussion document.
New Zealand
18 Sep 2019
What employers need to know about synthetic drugs
Interesting article about synthetic drugs and drug and alcohol policies.
New Zealand
18 Sep 2019
The amenability of private school decisions to judicial review
The question of whether private school decisions are amenable to judicial review has yet to be answered in New Zealand.
New Zealand
13 Sep 2019
Workplace bullying - employer fined
Managers or employees who perpetrate or tolerate harassment or bullying place the company at risk for damages and fines.
New Zealand
6 Sep 2019
Employment law: give me a break!
Article outlines changes to the Employment Relations Act 2000 that affect how employers should deal with rest and meal breaks.
New Zealand
4 Sep 2019
Changes to the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill
If tenants damage property, they either pay the landlord's insurance excess or four weeks rent, whichever is the lesser.
New Zealand
2 Sep 2019
Planning for successful cities – a proposed new National Policy Statement on Urban Development
The Government considers more is required to ensure NZ cities are affordable, accessible and offer quality environments.
New Zealand
29 Aug 2019
Sustainable growth: Government announces protections for highly productive land
The Government proposed to protect highly productive land to ensure that it is maintained for future primary production.
New Zealand
19 Aug 2019
[Video] Three tips for breaches of contract
This video discusses three tips for how best to resolve a breach of contract.
New Zealand
5 Aug 2019
Employees rights under triangular employment relationships expanded
New law enables employees to raise a personal grievance against anyone that can direct or control the employee's day-to-day work.
New Zealand
30 Jul 2019
Five tips before you sign a new lease
This video includes five considerations, to think about carefully, before signing a new commercial lease.
New Zealand
29 Jul 2019
Distinguishing between employees and independent contractors
The Employment Relations Authority looks at the real nature of the employment relationship and applies a number of tests.
New Zealand
26 Jul 2019
Dealing with NZTA disputes – cooperate or litigate?
A cooperative but cautious approach to your dealings with the NZ Transport Agency may often yield more positive results.
New Zealand
26 Jul 2019
Social media trolling: employer responsibilities
Employers should provide guidelines and training to ensure that employees can respond to all consumers, including trolls.
New Zealand
24 Jul 2019
How do you protect your ideas?
The video includes what steps you can take to protect your IP and how to ensure international protection of your ideas.
New Zealand
16 Jul 2019
Supreme Court decides reinstatement benefits cannot be assigned
Reinstatement Benefits are personal benefits to the original insured party only and cannot be assigned to a purchaser.
New Zealand
11 Jul 2019
How should you structure your business? Contractors versus employees
This educational video explains how to structure your business with employees or independent contractors, and other issues..
New Zealand
9 Jul 2019
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