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Trends In Offshore Funds - Wells Fargo Prime Services
The increasingly complex regulatory environment means that clients and their advisers have to think much more deeply about cross border regulatory issues.
Cayman Islands
26 Jun 2019
Governing Investment Funds: The Latest Trends
In the current market environment, alternative investment funds are trying to find new ways to attract capital ...
Cayman Islands
8 Nov 2018
Global - Foundation Regimes In The Cayman Islands, Guernsey, Jersey And United Arab Emirates
The 2017/2018 financial year saw the Cayman Islands and Abu Dhabi Global Market join various other jurisdictions within the international community (including Jersey and Guernsey) ...
11 Oct 2018
Cayman AML Regulations - Wells Fargo Prime Services
One of the hottest topics recently has been changes around the Cayman AML Regulations and Ingrid Pierce discusses enhanced Anti-Money Laundering Regimes on page 12 of the Wells Fargo Prime Services
Cayman Islands
7 Aug 2018
At The Epicentre Of The Funds Universe—And Staying There
The Cayman Islands remains the heart of the offshore hedge funds world, and it is well positioned to remain there even in a future driven by technology including artificial intelligence ...
Cayman Islands
13 Jun 2018
Ongoing Obligations Of Exempted Companies Registered As Mutual Funds
The Companies Law (2018 Revision) (the "Companies Law") imposes continuing obligations on all exempted companies, including those registered as mutual funds under section 4(3) of the Mutual Funds Law ...
Cayman Islands
15 May 2018
Ongoing Obligations Of Exempted Limited Partnerships Registered As Mutual Funds
The main relevant requirements of the ELP Law are summarised below.
Cayman Islands
15 May 2018
A Cayman Islands Perspective On The Private Funds Market
Ingrid Pierce and Matthew Goucke assess the private funds landscape in the Cayman Islands in relation to the global market.
Cayman Islands
16 Nov 2017
A Focus On Expense Allocations - Wells Fargo Prime Services
Ingrid Pierce discusses expense allocations on page nine of the Wells Fargo Prime Services, Business Consulting Group's Industry and Regulatory Update Quarterly, dated July 2017.
Cayman Islands
3 Aug 2017
Guide To Hedge Funds
From offices in the Cayman Islands, Dubai, Hong Kong, London and Singapore, Walkers provides Cayman Islands legal services to FORTUNE 100 and FTSE 100 global corporations and financial institutions...
Cayman Islands
21 Jun 2017
(Cayman) Segregated Portfolio Companies
Once registered as a SPC, an exempted company can create and operate one or more segregated portfolios with the benefit of statutory segregation of assets and liabilities between portfolios.
Cayman Islands
24 Mar 2017
Ingrid Pierce Talks Hedge Funds In Opalesque Cayman Roundtable
With about 1,230 new CIMA fund registrations in 2016, the Cayman Islands remain the undisputed leader in offshore funds.
Cayman Islands
27 Feb 2017
10%-20% Market Correction In The Wake Of The Election?
Watch Walkers' Global Managing Partner, Ingrid Pierce, on Wall St. Week discuss market correction.
Cayman Islands
13 Sep 2016
Walkers Fundamentals Seminar 2015
Walkers has hosted its annual Walkers Fundamentals investment funds seminar in New York for the past nine years.
30 Sep 2015
CIMA Deregistrations And Applications For Audit Waiver By 1 October 2015
The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority ("CIMA") issued a new Rule and Regulatory Procedure earlier this year relating to the cancellation of licences and certificates of registration issued to Cayman Islands regulated mutual funds.
Cayman Islands
14 Sep 2015
Late Filings Of Directors And Officer Details Of Cayman Islands Companies - Waiver Period And Changes In Deadlines And Penalties
The Cayman Islands government announced on 27 August 2015 that it would apply an amnesty to late filings of director and officer changes prior to the adoption of new penalty provisions.
Cayman Islands
2 Sep 2015
Winding Up Solvent Funds Loss of Substratum
An issue arising with increasing frequency in connection with Cayman Islands domiciled investment funds is the circumstances in which an investor in a solvent fund can bring an informal wind down initiated by management of the fund to an end and have the board replaced by a liquidator appointed by the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands ("the Court").
Cayman Islands
14 Dec 2010
Cayman Corporate Funds: Changes Relating To Winding Up And Insolvency
Part V of the Cayman Islands Companies Law, dealing with the winding up of Cayman companies, has been replaced with effect from 1 March 2009.
Cayman Islands
12 Apr 2009
Redemption Of Shares - Strategic Turnaround Master Partnership
The Cayman Islands Court of Appeal (the "Court") recently delivered a judgment (the "Judgment") in the case of In re Strategic Turnaround Master Partnership, Limited.
Cayman Islands
30 Dec 2008
Implications Of Gottex Funds v Stewardship Credit Arbitrage Fund
The Supreme Court of Bermuda recently ruled in favour of investors in a hedge fund in BNY AIS Nominees Limited & Ors v Stewardship Credit Arbitrage Fund, Ltd. (the "Judgment") in circumstances in which the fund had purported to pay redemption proceeds in kind.
Cayman Islands
29 Dec 2008
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