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Russian Data Localisation: Increased Fines Just Around The Corner
On 10 September 2019 the Russian State Duma in its first reading adopted a draft bill increasing fines for non-compliance with data localisation requirements
Russian Federation
13 Sep 2019
Review Of Law Amendments In IP Sphere For 2018
The applicant will be able to define independently which way of protection to choose.
Russian Federation
3 Apr 2019
Russisches Verfassungsgericht: Beschränkungen für die Beteiligung von ausländischen Investoren an russischen Massenmedien müssen abgemildert werden
Das russische Mediengesetz beschränkt die direkte und indirekte Kontrolle von Ausländern über die russischen Medien.
Russian Federation
11 Feb 2019
Restrictions On Foreign Investments In Russian Mass Media May Be Softened
The amendments to article 19.1 of the Media Law came into effect on 1 January 2016.
Russian Federation
25 Jan 2019
Privacy And Cybersecurity In Russia
Getting The Deal Through, UK online research platform for law professionals, turned to Noerr Moscow for advice regarding Data Privacy, a rather topical issue nowadays in view of the recent changes in Russian and European law.
Russian Federation
31 Oct 2018
Telegram Officially Blocked... But Still Available
On 13 April 2018, the Taganskyi District Court of Moscow upheld Roscomnadzor's claim to block access to Telegram. On 16 April 2018...
Russian Federation
19 Apr 2018
Telegram Messaging Service Might Get Blocked In Russia
On 20 March 2018, the Supreme Court of Russia dismissed the claim by a representative of the Telegram messaging service...
Russian Federation
4 Apr 2018
Privacy Aspects Of Telehealthcare In Russia
On 1 January 2018, amendments to the Federal Law No 323-FZ "On the Fundamentals of Protection of the Health of Citizens of the Russian Federation" dated 21 November 2011 came into force
Russian Federation
30 Jan 2018
Russian Data Privacy – Court Practice Update
The end of 2017 was marked with a few interesting court decisions, which may be useful for businesses to know for the assessment of their future dealings in Russia
Russian Federation
17 Jan 2018
How To Enter The Russian Online Consumer Marketplace (Without Setting Foot In Russia)
For companies interested in entering the Russian market but reluctant to establish a physical presence there, an online presence can be a viable alternative.
Russian Federation
7 Aug 2017
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