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Contract Negotiations: Now And Then
Mobile phones are a great help in these days to secure permanent professional access not only during regular business hours.
14 Jun 2018
Doping - Legalize It!
Shortly before the start of the Winter Olympics in South Korea, the International Sports Court in Lausanne acquitted around thirty Russian athletes from doping charges.
11 Apr 2018
Freispruch für das Doping!
Die heutige Dopingpolitik mit ihrer angeblichen Sorge um die Gesundheitsgefährdung von Spitzensportlern ist von Widersprüchen geprägt und möglicherweise verfassungswidrig.
14 Feb 2018
Swiss Federal Government Proposes To Abolish Bearer Shares By The End Of 2018
On January 17, 2018, the Swiss Federal Government opened the formal consultation process aimed at implementing the most recent recommendations by the Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes.
22 Jan 2018
No Unfair Dismissal Of Airplane Pilot Who Reported Sick Whilst Travelling To Latin America For A Holiday
A pilot had cheated on his absence from the work place with a false medical certificate whilst he and his fiancé travelled to the baptism of a nephew to South America.
12 Dec 2017
Swiss Supreme Court Confirms Regular Data Update In International Tax Assistance Procedures
The Swiss Federal Tax Administration (SFTA) may provide on a regular basis information to their foreign counterparts on the status of international administrative assistance proceedings in tax matters
22 Nov 2017
Taxi Drivers With Central Headquarters Are Considered Employees For Social Security Purposes
If independent taxi drivers are affiliated with a central headquarter, they are considered to be their employees, so the Swiss Federal Supreme Court in a decision of November 9, 2017. This will make them much better protected in the future.
22 Nov 2017
Swiss Federal Administrative Court Confirms Age Discrimination In Governmental Educational Programs
A general age restriction for candidates applying to an educational leadership program for music teachers offered by the Swiss Federal Government violates the constitutional principle of non-discrimination.
4 Aug 2017
Switzerland Tightens Rules On Intra-Group Staff Leasing Including Cross-Border Staff Transfers
SECO has issued in June 2017 a guideline focusing on intragroup staff transfers which could in many cases require in the future a governmental authorization based on proven professional qualification and the provision of financial security...
25 Jul 2017
Swiss Supreme Court Refines "Business Judgement Rule" Applicable To Corporate Board Members In Switzerland
Swiss company A concluded in December 2008 a loan agreement with Swiss company B over CHF 200'000. Company B used the first CHF 100'000 for a loan to be granted unsecured to Swiss company C so that Company C was able to pay its debts...
19 Jul 2017
"John, We Need You In Frankfurt Instead Of Zürich For A Couple Of Months" - How Do Dislocation Clauses Work In Switzerland?
An employment agreement must define the main working conditions, amongst others the employee's job portfolio, his or her salary including any other financial incentives, the working hours, the treatment of overtime work, holidays etc.
17 Jul 2017
Immediate Termination Notice In Lay-Offs With Cause: How Immediate Is Immediate?
The termination of an employee with cause and without observing a notice period notice must meet various conditions under Swiss employment laws.
17 Jul 2017
Swiss Supreme Court Confirms CAS' Four Year FIFA Ban For Michel Platini
The Swiss Supreme Court dismissed on June 29, 2017, a complaint by Michel Platini against a decision of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Lausanne.
7 Jul 2017
Swiss Supreme Court Rules On Bonus Forfeiture Clauses
A high ranking bank manager of a Geneva bank had been dismissed in November 2015 under a six month garden leave following an internal money-laundering investigation against the bank manager and his team.
29 Jun 2017
Swiss Supreme Court Tightens Rules For State Providers In Public Procurement Procedures
In January 2015, the Swiss Federal Communications Office (Bakom) invited for a public tender offer for the analysis of Swiss National Television's online offer.
23 Jun 2017
Swiss Supreme Court Cancels Arbitration Award On Hotel And Casino Project Due To Violation Of The Right To Be Heard
A company under the law of the Principality of Liechtenstein entered in 1996 into a development and construction contract on a hotel and casino project in the West Bank.
22 Jun 2017
Syrian Central Bank's Complaint Against Inclusion On Switzerland's Sanction List Refused
The Syrian Central Bank's complaint against its inclusion into Switzerland's sanction list relating to Syrian organizations and individuals is not admissible.
20 Jun 2017
In Switzerland, Medical Officers Remain Bound By Professional Confidentiality Rules
The employee was repeatedly attested by his or her personal doctor a complete incapacity for work.
23 May 2017
Flexible Compensation Models At Group Management Level
Flexible management compensation remains a bone of contention in Switzerland. However, a verdict on salary systems is clear – aligning the interests of the managers with those of the shareholders through performance-related remuneration is often not met.
18 May 2017
Hospitals In Constant Violation Of Mandatory Labour Laws
In many Swiss hospitals, mandatory labour laws are a 'dead letter': 52% of doctors do not adhere to the maximum weekly working time of 50 hours, which has been in force since 2005.
19 Apr 2017
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