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Why Registering IP In China Is Essential
Boardroom optimism about the Chinese market is often not backed up by an intellectual property (IP) strategy. But filing IP in the country should be a default for multi-nationals.
3 Sep 2019
The Importance Of Intellectual Property Rights In Technology
As technology continues to alter and change the very fabric of how we live and work, it is clear that almost every industry is set to be (or already being) disrupted by innovation
9 Aug 2019
How To Leverage IP To Protect Against Tech Disruption
Intellectual property provides opportunities and defences against technological disruption, so why isn't it higher up the agenda?
2 Aug 2019
IP Strategy: What Management Can Learn From The Disruptors
IP strategies that appreciate licensing, connectivity patents and the behaviour of start-ups can give companies the edge in disrupted markets.
29 Jul 2019
Actavis v Eli Lilly: The Impact On Patent Infringement Law In The UK Two Years On
It is now two years since the UK Supreme Court's judgment in Actavis v Eli Lilly UKSC 48 re-steered in a markedly different direction the law of patent infringement in the UK, stating that there is a doctrine...
24 Jul 2019
Why The C-Suite And IP Team Should Talk
In markets being changed by disruptive technology, intellectual property can be a CEO's best friend. But seeing IP as 'legal' not commercial misses the bigger picture.
12 Jul 2019
Trust The Law Say Legal Teams, But Are They Misguided?
There's a worrying belief among in-house counsel that intellectual property (IP) laws are keeping pace with tech disruption. The truth is the opposite.
8 Jul 2019
UK Supreme Court Explains The Law Of Obviousness
Several generic pharmaceutical companies have prevailed in the UK Supreme Court in a patent dispute testing the practical bounds of patent protection for dosing regimens:
15 Apr 2019
Brexit: The Effect On European Trademark Rights
Whilst many of us have resisted the temptation to over speculate as to the potential ramifications of a variety of possible Brexit outcomes ...
European Union
5 Mar 2019
Annual Review Of The 2018 Patent Cases
In January 2019, Gowling WLG's co-head of global Intellectual Property (IP), Gordon Harris, delivered his much anticipated annual review of the year's UK patent.
5 Feb 2019
Changes To The UK's Trademarks Law
Today the EU Trade Marks Directive 2015 comes into force and brings with it changes to the UK Trade Marks Act 1994 (TMA), and the UK Trade Marks Rules 2008 (TMR).
18 Jan 2019
What Would The New Geographical Indications Bill Mean For Products In Russia?
On July 27, 2018, the Russian State Duma passed first reading of a draft bill entitled "On Amendments to Part Four of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (on geographical indications)" (the Bill on geographical indications (GIs)).
Russian Federation
21 Dec 2018
UK Supreme Court Confirms Warner-Lambert Patent Claims Insufficient…
The UK Supreme Court has handed down its long-awaited judgment in Warner-Lambert v Generics & Anr [2018] UKSC 56. It took the form of separate judgments from four Law Lords,
26 Nov 2018
'If There's No Deal' Brexit IP Guidance From UK Government
On 24 September 2018, the UK Government published a series of guidance papers explaining arrangements in progress to manage Brexit in the event of a 'no deal' scenario (on 29 March 2019).
European Union
28 Sep 2018
No Deal Brexit Implications For Automotive IP?
If a deal is reached ahead of Brexit, the indications are that a transition period would preserve the status quo for intellectual property (IP) until the end of 2020.
European Union
10 Sep 2018
Unprecedented Challenges Facing The Automotive Sector Demand Urgent Re-Evaluation Of Existing IP Strategies
The car industry faces, simultaneously, the emergence of connected and autonomous vehicles and regulatory pressures to eliminate the internal combustion engine.
13 Jul 2018
Brexit Implications For IP: Arrangements Agreed So Far
It would seem to buy some time for the participating countries to resolve the legal complexities.
21 Mar 2018
What Does Actavis v Eli Lilly Mean For European Patent Litigation Strategy?
Doctrines of equivalents in France, Spain and Germany: How do local patent experts view the UK Supreme Court's judgment in Actavis v Eli Lilly?
European Union
2 Mar 2018
Annual Patents Review 2017 - Overview
When I completed last year's review, noting that it was my nineteenth such report, I quietly had the hope that I would be able to mark my 20th anniversary with something quite significant to report on.
19 Feb 2018
Infringement - Annual Patents Review 2017
In previous years I have subdivided this section between "construction" and "infringement". It turns out I was right to do so, but probably not entirely for the right reasons.
19 Feb 2018
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