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New Project That Modifies The Industrial Property Legislation In Chile Is Sent To Congress
With the aim of improving the industrial property system in our country, the Government, on recent days, has entered a bill amending Law No. 19,039 on Industrial Property; Law No. 20,524 ...
15 Oct 2018
Cómo pagarle a sus empleados en Chile
Considerado un socio comercial sólido y un mercado de exportación, Chile es reconocido por sus políticas de mercado abiertas, aranceles nulos, gobierno democrático estable, prácticas de negocios firmes y bajas tasas de corrupción.
10 Oct 2018
Consumer Rights Law and the strengthening of collective actions / Fortalecimiento de las acciones colectivas: un llamado a prevenir
Ante la contundencia de las estadisticas enen material de interposicion de demandas colectivas, es necesario reconocer que la dicatation de la Ley 21.081, y los altos riesgos involucrados en un scenario de aumento progresivo de juicios ..
3 Oct 2018
Modifications To The Regulation On Cybersecurity In The Financial Industry In Chile
The first communication to SBIF, the occurrence of an operational incident, must be made within a maximum period of 30 minutes.
28 Sep 2018
Reform On The Strengthening Of SERNAC Is Enacted
On September 13th, 2018, a significant modification to Law No. 19,496 Consumer Protection Act ("CPA") was enacted through its publication in the Official Gazette.
17 Sep 2018
How To Pay Your Employees In Chile
Regarded as a strong trading partner and export market, Chile is recognised for its open market policies, zero tariffs, stable democratic government, solid business practices, and low corruption rates.
10 Sep 2018
Payment Cards: Central Bank Publishes, For Public Consultation, An Amendment To Its Payment Cards Operation Regulations
On August 23, the Central Bank of Chile published, for public consultation purposes, a proposed amendment to Chapter III.J.2 of its Financial Regulations Compendium
4 Sep 2018
Progress In Implementation Of Funds Passport For The Pacific Alliance
On July 30th, 2018, the Commission for the Financial Market issued ruling 3092, expanding the list of foreign securities exempted from registration requirements before the Registry of Foreign Securities of the CMF.
22 Aug 2018
New Regulation For The Use Of Probiotics In Chile
Recently, the Public Health Institute ("ISP" for its acronym in Spanish) issued Resolution No. 3435, according to which it establishes the control regime applicable to, "products in pharmaceutical oral forms...
20 Aug 2018
Legal Updates On Trademark Law In Latin America
The main change provided by this regulation is the prohibition on advertising these "high in" products to children under 14 years old.
1 Aug 2018
Constitutional Court Green-Lights Sernac Bill
On July 5th, 2018, the Chilean Constitutional Court ruled on the official request from the President of the Republic asking the court to settle the controversy ...
26 Jul 2018
What Does The TPP Mean For Latin America?
The Trans-Pacific Partnership is one of the largest free trade agreements in the world with many benefits for members.
18 Jul 2018
New Information Requirement For Producers Of Priority Products In The Framework Of The REP Law
By Exempt Resolution No. 409/2018 (E.R. 409), the Ministry of the Environment (MMA) has instituted a new information requirement for producers of priority products, in accordance with Law No. 20,920 ...
17 Jul 2018
El problema del desequilibrio ostensible entre contratantes y cómo afecta la validez del consentimiento para tratar datos
Sin embargo, creemos que la redacción que ha utilizado reporta inconvenientes considerables, y que la norma debiera ser formulada de otra manera. Nuestras críticas pueden sintetizarse en dos...
11 Jul 2018
Gobierno anunció implementación de impuesto especial para empresas digitales
El Ministro de Hacienda, Felipe Larraín, anunció que se incluirá a la economía digital en la futura reforma tributaria, aplicando un impuesto especial por los servicios de empresas digitales.
9 Jul 2018
Superintendente De Bancos E Instituciones Financieras Se Reunió Con Diputados Por Problemáticas De Ciberseguridad En El Sistema Financiero
El Superintendente de Bancos e Instituciones Financieras, Mario Farren, sostuvo una reunión con los diputados Jorge Alessandri y Guillermo Ramírez, para discutir en torno a las problemáticas ...
6 Jul 2018
¿En Qué Consiste La Nueva Obligación De Reportar Vulneraciones A Medidas De Seguridad En El Tratamiento De Datos Personales?
No es un misterio que la cuarta revolución industrial conlleva el tratamiento masivo de datos personales, los cuales, asociados a las vulnerabilidades propias de los ....
6 Jul 2018
Chile Tacks On Antitrust Behavioural Remedies In Bayer/Mosanto Deal
Chile's competition watchdog has conditionally cleared Bayer's acquisition of Monsanto, subject to the divestment of certain seed and herbicide businesses and the agrochemical company agreeing not to offer exclusivity rebates for some of its products.
5 Jul 2018
Chilean Senate Considers New Draft Bill For Personal Data Protection
On April 3, 2018, the Chilean Senate debated the data protection draft bill. The law, which would regulate private parties and government agencies, sets forth the following purposes:
5 Jul 2018
New System Of Processing Customs Destination Certificates For Medical Devices Without A Sanitary Registration
As of July 2, a Customs Destination Certificate (CDA, in its Spanish acronym) will be required for medical devices that do not have a sanitary registration to be imported into Chile.
2 Jul 2018
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