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5 Tips On How To Avoid Hotel Management Disputes
The hospitality industry is an economic sector that is in a constant state of flux. To stay competitive both the hotel owner and operator must be willing to respond to changes in the market...
Saudi Arabia
7 Jun 2018
Real Estate, Hotels & Leisure In Focus
It has been a busy year for our growing team of lawyers advising and helping our clients operating in the world of real estate, hotels and leisure.
Saudi Arabia
6 Jun 2018
Protecting IP Rights In Saudi Arabia
As the importance of a knowledge-based economy quickly emerges in Saudi Arabia, intellectual property (IP) assets will play an increasing role.
Saudi Arabia
5 Jun 2018
Saudi Arabia Update - May 2018
Part of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 programme includes a strong drive towards privatisation of government-controlled sectors.
Saudi Arabia
30 May 2018
Capital Market Authority's Decision No. 1-3-2018 Dated 22/4/1439 A.H. Corresponding To 9/1/2018 A.D
The proposal for the original draft for this amendment came in November of 2017.
Saudi Arabia
24 May 2018
New Requirements For Conducting Commercial Agency, Distribution, And Franchise Activities In Iraq
In line with other efforts to ease and facilitate trade, the Iraqi government recently issued Law No. 79 of 2017 on regulating commercial agencies.
Saudi Arabia
21 May 2018
Artificial Intelligence And International Arbitration: Going Beyond E-Mail
The last two decades have witnessed phenomenal advancements in information technology (IT), which have fostered a remarkable level of innovation in products and services offered across numerous industries.
Saudi Arabia
21 May 2018
UAE Issues Federal Arbitration Law no. 6/2018
We are pleased to inform you that His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the United Arab Emirates, has issued Federal Law No. 6 of 2018, which formally promulgates...
Saudi Arabia
16 May 2018
Recent Developments On Saudi's Companies Law
The Council of Ministers of Saudi Arabia recently approved the amendments of certain provisions of the Companies Law.
Saudi Arabia
11 May 2018
Tech Law In Saudi Arabia: Keeping Pace With Technology
Technology and innovation underpins large parts of Saudi Arabia's National Transformation Program. As it seeks to improve economic competitiveness and enhance efficiency, Vision 2030 ...
Saudi Arabia
2 May 2018
Saudi Arabia Update – April 2018
The Council of Ministers approved 11 amendments to the Companies Law on 10 April 2018 (the Amendments) – a brief summary is below.
Saudi Arabia
1 May 2018
The Development Of The Judicial System In Saudi Arabia Under Vision 2030
A country's desire to develop its business environment, encourage investment and accelerate economic development should also include a review of the rules and performance of the judicial system.
Saudi Arabia
27 Apr 2018
UAE Implements New Fast-Tracked Registration For Innovative And Orphan Drugs
Effective 22 January 2018, the Ministry of Health and Prevention in the United Arab Emirates (‘MOHAP') issued a Ministerial Resolution that provides for the fast-track registration of...
Saudi Arabia
25 Apr 2018
SAGIA Adopts The ISIC Classification On Foreign Investment Licenses
As part of the National Transformation Plan and Vision 2030, the government authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are collectively working on improving the investment environment...
Saudi Arabia
18 Apr 2018
Doing Business With Saudi Aramco: The IKTVA Program
Doing business with Saudi Aramco, the World's largest oil and gas company, is the essential feature for many local and international companies operating in the OFSE and related sectors in Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia
12 Apr 2018
Setting Up A Business In KSA
Over the years the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has become a place of interest for many investors around the world. For businesses wishing to expand into international markets, KSA is the perfect choice.
Saudi Arabia
10 Apr 2018
Overview Of Public Merger & Acquisition Regulations In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
This note provides a high-level overview of the current regulatory regime of the Kingdom governing public M&A transactions.
Saudi Arabia
10 Apr 2018
Transport And Supply Chain In Saudi Arabia (Video)
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's (KSA) unprecedented reforms also means changes to the transport sector, with significant investments expected in seaports, road ...
Saudi Arabia
6 Apr 2018
New Cloud Computing Regulatory Framework
In early 2018 (following a public consultation process held during 2016), the Saudi Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) issued the Cloud Computing Regulatory Framework (CCRF).
Saudi Arabia
5 Apr 2018
Tough New Rules Designed To Prioritize Saudi Nationals
The Saudi government has introduced a number of measures to favor Saudi nationals over expatriate employees. These so called "Saudisation measures" ...
Saudi Arabia
5 Apr 2018
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