Having to change any part in your car is something any car owner dreads, the considerable expense of replacing things such as gearboxes or cambelts does not go down lightly. The massive amounts of money that named garages to charge for replacement is enormous, but it is the sole way to ensure that your new part is not a faulty, counterfeit of the part it should be. The United Arab Emirates through the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA) will begin the implementation of a new vehicle safety system which will create an added hurdle for counterfeit auto parts.

This system will bring into place a security check-in that no parts that do not display the ESMA quality mark will be able to enter the market within the UAE, the implementation of this security check has been since the start of October 2018. This implementation will be the beginning of the initiative to control the sale and use of auto spares across the UAE. Initially it will solely govern parts entering the UAE; however, it is noted that it will soon govern sales within the UAE. All parts that do not conform to the standards of the ESMA have been given one year to be removed from the market.

While the initiative is in its beginning phases the authority is confident that it will be in a position to control 50% of the counterfeit products within the first year, however, the plan of the Vehicle Control System is that will it is in full implementation, it will cover all aspects of vehicle safety management. It will have control over manufacturing units, auto garages, testing facilities, and body workshops.

This initiative is in alignment with a drive towards the improvement of the quality of spare parts used within the UAE and to ensure the safety of consumers as well as the protection of the rights of such consumers from such products which may be defective.

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