On 28 January 2018, the Lagos State House of Assembly passed the Land Use Charge Law 2018 to repeal and replace the Land Use Charge Law 2001.

Some of the changes introduced include:

  1. determination of land use charge to be based on market or commercial value
  2. private cementaries are no longer exempted from land use charge
  3. the exemption for property owned by religious bodies has been limited to those used as a place of worship or for religious education. Those used for commercial letting will be taxed in proportion to such usage.
  4. persons liable to pay the charge have been extended to include occupiers holding long leases of 10 years and above. This means tenants will be liable to pay the tax (whether occupying the property legally or illegally)

Read the new law and our alert below for details.

Download Tax Alert_New Lagos Land Use Charge Law 2018

Download L79_Land-Use-Charge-Law

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