There are no restrictions on the holders of passports issued by the other Channel Islands, or by any Member State of the European Union, travelling to Jersey. However the States of Jersey has for some years pursued the policy of restricting immigration in the interest of saving the Island's environment and quality of life. As part of this policy, the Housing Committee exercises tight control over who may acquire residential accommodation whether by purchase or by lease. Under the Housing Regulations in force at present, no person may purchase or lease residential accommodation without the consent of the Housing Committee under the appropriate Housing Regulations. Consent to purchase will be granted to persons who do not have established residential connections with the Island only if they are either essentially employed ("j" category licences), or are considered only to be of economic or social benefit (1(1)(k) permits).

With the exception of certain restrictive categories of employment, essentially employed persons are required to occupy accommodation either owned or leased by the employer and the Committee will restrict the granting of such consent to accommodation which is not subject to a condition limiting occupation to local people. At the end of a ten-year residence, an essential employee is permitted to acquire or lease accommodation in his own right. However, essential employee status is generally granted for a limited period of either three or five years.

For those people seeking consent on the grounds of economic or social benefit, an important factor taken into account is the ability to make a significant contribution to the Island's tax revenues through the taxing of personal or corporate income. When considering an application, the Housing Committee will also have regard to the source of personal income, the certainty of what income may be expected to be received in future years and the personal and business background of the applicant. All applications will be considered in the light of the degree of pressure from those wishing to take up residence in the Island. Those granted consent will be required to purchase a property that is outside the price range of the generality of local purchasers.

The relevant laws are complicated and the information set out above is provided only as a broad indication of the requirements. In all cases it is advisable to seek advice from the Housing Department or from a professional adviser.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.

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