Emoluments of an office or employment generally include benefits in kind. Jersey imposes tax on net rental income after deduction of property expenses. Rent in this context includes a proportion of any premium received where the duration of the lease is less than fifty years.

Double Tax Relief

Dividends and debenture interest are not covered in the treaty between Jersey and the UK. Where interest is paid from Jersey on a loan under a contract capable of exceeding twelve months' duration the payer obtains relief by deducting and retaining tax at 20%.

Payments of interest to UK and foreign banks from Jersey may be made without deduction of tax at source. Bank deposit interest arising to non residents is exempt by concession from local taxation.

In certain cases Jersey residents can claim credit for Jersey tax against their UK tax liability by way of unilateral relief.

Where no bilateral agreement exists, Jersey grants unilateral relief by assessing only the net foreign income to Jersey tax.

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