Please find attached our report on China's outbound offshore Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) and mergers and acquisitions activity. In this paper we set out an overview of the current available data in relation to the spread of FDI and how this translates from an offshore perspective.

China is on track to be the world's largest economy within the next decade, and with GDP growth averaging around 10% a year since 1978 we see a stable and thriving economic backdrop to these figures. China's business and regulatory environment continues to develop and evolve and it has matured and grown rapidly over the past decade. We believe that International Financial Centres such as London, Hong Kong, Mauritius and Jersey for example, will continue to play a significant role in China's outgoing investment. These centres are where we carry out the majority of our business, through our offices covering eight offshore jurisdictions.

In this report we put a spotlight on Jersey and its mature, highly rated and transparent environment for Chinese Investors. Jersey is already the recipient of almost USD10bn in banking deposits from the Far East, and its fund market is poised to be approved for Chinese cross-border investment.

We hope that you find the information in this report of interest. As Appleby further develops its business with Chinese enterprises and others based in China seeking offshore legal and fiduciary advice and services, we hope to bring you additional analysis

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