Following the success of the Isle of Man Aircraft Register, the Channel Islands have decided to establish aircraft registers in Guernsey and Jersey. The initial proposal was driven by Guernsey and for a while it looked as though there would be a joint register with Jersey. However in September Jersey announced that 'a single registry could not meet the separate operational and commercial interests of both islands. It was therefore decided that each jurisdiction would move ahead with separate plans'. Although there will be two independent registers, the Islands will continue to have a joint Director of Civil Aviation.

While Jersey's proposals are currently being formulated, Guernsey's plans are well developed having announced a public/private partnership in April 2012, with Amsterdam-based SGI Aviation, who will manage the day to day running of the registry's operation. Guernsey have chosen their Nationality prefix '2-' which will appear before four unique characters as their aircraft registration marks and expect to have their register operational by the end of 2013.

A Guernsey company, easily established by Appleby's local office, would be a qualifying aircraft owner or, like the UK and the Isle of Man, a Commonwealth or European Economic Area company will also be a qualifying ownership company. If there is a requirement to address the VAT on a Guernsey registered aircraft purchase and have EU importation to provide full and free circulation for aircraft visiting, or based in the EU, Appleby's Isle of Man office and VAT advisers can provide a VAT registered Isle of Man company as a qualifying Guernsey ownership structure.

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