Moore Stephens Jersey has launched its new Board Evaluation Service, primarily aimed at Jersey funds affected by the new Codes of Practice, which provides the opportunity for boards to create a virtuous circle of sustained improvement and competitive advantage by promoting best leadership practice for company strategic and operational decision-making, oversight, risk management and accountability.

Phillip Callow, Partner of Moore Stephens Jersey who heads up the Board Evaluation Service commented, "Effective Board leadership is critical to business success, especially in the face of increasing market complexity, high investor expectations and critical public opinion."

If good leadership is in place, regulatory requirements will automatically be met. Periodic and robust evaluations should form an important element of best practice, whether for listed or unlisted funds.

The recently released Codes of Practice for Certified Funds encourages the adoption of rigorous self-review measures as of 2nd. April 2012. They comprise the most recently issued additional governance measures published by the Jersey Financial Services Commission.

The Moore Stephens Board Evaluation Service offers an immediate solution to this requirement.

Moore Stephens Jersey has the expertise to precisely and sensitively collect, analyse and report data to clients, with clarity and discretion. Board directors are given the means to conduct self-assessments through tailored questionnaires and informal interviews. The data is presented as clear and actionable business intelligence.

Boards can adapt the scope and scale of the assessments to meet their specific needs across the breadth of regulatory, risk management and other governance requirements. The number of questions and topics examined can be tailored to each specific case, as can the order of priority. The evaluation will highlight strengths as well as those areas that may need to be improved. It is invaluable for demonstrating excellence to shareholders whilst gaining critical management information for the highest level of corporate governance.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.