Simon Burgess, Managing Director at Bedell Fund Services attended a round table event hosted by Private Funds Management ("pfm") to discuss the evolving landscape regarding real estate investing and ongoing administration.

The event highlighted a number of key developments in recent years, such as the onslaught of new and evolving regulation and tax regimes. Also discussed were the options for real estate asset managers to align themselves with relevant third party experts covering legal, tax and administration to ensure that investment structures are compliant and to enable the manager to focus on what they do best, maximising returns.

It is safe to say that running a real estate investment fund/structure is not as straight forward as it used to be, with managers stating that they'd prefer to concentrate on acquisitions, managing the assets and returning income and capital to their investors. That said, London real estate is booming, and with many managers and investors diversifying their investments in to major European cities, the outlook for European real estate looks positive.

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