Watch our full London Brexit video interview with Helen McEntee TD, Minister of State for European Affairs examining the UK backstop proposals; EU negotiation deadlines; the prospect of a hard Brexit; and the biggest impacts for Irish and international businesses right now.

This interview was filmed in London part of Matheson's Business Beyond Brexit Interview Series - and followed on from Minister McEntee and Mr Jackson's addresses at the Financial Times Brexit Summit this week. Of the delegates polled at the FT Brexit Summit, just 4% said they thought that the UK would be better off after Brexit - whereas 96% said they thought it would not. In our Business Brexit video interview, Matheson Financial Services Partner Liz Grace puts the following issues to Minister McEntee and to Michael Jackson:

  • Analysis of the UK backstop proposals on the border issue;
  • Can EU negotiation deadlines be met in time;
  • The prospects of a hard Brexit;
  • The biggest impacts for Irish and International businesses affected by Brexit right now;
  • Are Irish businesses ready for a 'no-deal' Brexit as a real prospect;
  • Could the EU negotiating standpoint soften in relation to the Irish border question, if this was to help to avoid a hard Brexit;
  • The current mood of UK and US multinational businesses on the Brexit process to date and UK exit;
  • Which industry sectors in particular are looking at Ireland as an operations base and a gateway to European markets post Brexit; and
  • The recent introduction of US tariffs and the international implications.

To view Matheson's London video interview with Ireland's Minister of State for European Affairs, Helen McEntee TD on the most pressing Brexit issues, click here.

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