The Trusted Partner Initiative (the "Scheme") was launched by the Employment Permits Section of the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation (the "DJEI") on 12 May 2015. The Scheme provides a process for employers who make frequent employment permit applications to the DJEI to do so in an expedited manner. This initiative is a welcome enhancement of the existing system as it aims to reduce the turnaround time and administrative burden associated with permit applications.

Prior to becoming a Trusted Partner under the scheme, both Irish based employers and EEA contractor applicants (contractors applying for contracts to provide services to an Irish entity on a contract for services basis who want to employ non-EEA employees to work on the Irish contract in Ireland) must be registered with the Irish Revenue Commissioners as an employer.

Successful applicants to the Scheme will be granted Trusted Partner status for two years at no additional cost.

While the requirements of each employment permit application will still need to be met in all cases, the Scheme provides employers with a unique Trusted Partner Registration Number and access to their own suite of employment permit application forms which will reduce the level of information needed to be submitted with each application.

In addition, the host sending entities will no longer need to sign the permit application form further reducing the paperwork required and the timeline for obtaining employment permits.

To learn more about the Trusted Partner Initiative, its potential applicability to your business and its operation, you can read the insight prepared by the Matheson employment team.

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