In Ireland, the development, growth and sustainability of the aviation industry sector has been a significant contributor to the success of the country as a global international financial services sector. Ireland's government has endeavoured to ensure that Ireland not only maintains its position in the global airfinance sector, but also continues to avail of new opportunities as the sector evolves.

As part of the Irish government's plan to support its international aviation services, in December 2012 it commenced the process of developing a National Aviation Policy. Following the consultant phase and engagement with the aviation community, the government has now published the National Policy for Ireland. The policy is to shape a positive pathway for the development and growth of the aviation sector and its increased contribution to the Irish economy both directly and indirectly.

The Policy commits to, amongst other things,

  • Maintaining safety as the No.1 priority in Irish aviation and ensuring that safety regulation is robust, effective and efficient;
  • An increase in connectivity, especially with emerging markets;
  • Supporting the aircraft leasing and aviation finance sectors to maintain Ireland's leading global position in these spheres;
  • Maintaining a safe and innovative general aviation sector to support Ireland's broader aviation industry; and
  • The establishment of a National Aviation Development Forum in order to consult with the industry on the development of the international regulatory agenda for aviation and to coordinate the promotion of Irish aviation.

For more information see The National Aviation Policy For Ireland here.

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