An institutional arbitration may be conducted in Thailand under the auspices of either the Arbitration Tribunal of the Board of Trade (The Thai Chamber of Commerce) or the arbitration under the rules called the "Thai Commercial Arbitration Rules" which were modelled after the ICC's Conciliation and Arbitration Rules. The Arbitration Office of the Ministry of Justice adopts its own Arbitration Rules. These Rules are quite comprehensive and substantially reflect a constructive combination of the ICC's, UNICITRAL's and American Arbitration Association's Rules. The Office has maintained a list of experts and experienced persons, 128 in total, who are capable of serving as arbitrators in such areas as labour, investment, international trade, maritime law, intellectual property, insurance, land minerals and petroleum, torts and contracts, etc. The Office also makes available to interested parties the facilities and office equipment for conciliation and arbitration proceedings at nominal cost.

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