Up to date information about Guernsey as well as the history of its development as an international finance centre is now available as text and graphics on Internet. The Financial Services Commission has also acquired an E-mail address: gsyfsc@itl.net

John Roper, Director General, says: 'Increasing numbers of finance professionals and journalists are using "The Net" as an information resource. We believe this trend will increase, which is why we have taken the opportunity extended to us by Interactive Telephony Limited, operators of Supernet, to put descriptive and statistical information about Guernsey's finance industry on this worldwide database.'

Headed Offshore Guernsey, the information is accessed through: http://www.itl.net/go/to/GuernseyFSC

Contents include a list of contacts at the FSC, a description of the Commission's history and functions, an outline of how Guernsey's finance industry has developed, copies of recent Commission press releases, its half-yearly Update newsletters and its publications on insurance and fund management. In time, further information is expected to be added.

Information provided by the Commission is intended to head up a database about Guernsey as an international finance centre to which will be added information from financial services providers in the private sector who might wish to use this section of Internet as a shop-window for their products and services.

This latest development will be of particular interest to the many journalists who write articles about Guernsey and who wish to access a reliable source of general but detailed information which the Commission will endeavour to keep up to date.

For further information contact Peter Crook on Tel: +44 (0) 1481 712 706 or Fax: +44 (0) 1481 712 010.

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