Steve Butterworth, Director of Insurance, has been at the Commission since 1986. He spent the previous four years as insurance supervisor in the Cayman Islands. He brings considerable insider as well as outsider experience to his regulatory role as well as being systems consultant to an insurance broker, he has been a manager of captives and other companies and he has also been an insurance group director.

John Darwood is Senior Adviser to the Commission's Insurance Division whose brief includes deputising for Steve Butterworth. He is also concerned with the development of the insurance sector of Guernsey's economy, liaising with new and existing insurers on underwriting matters and assisting with supervisory training. He left the London insurance market in 1980 to become the first Insurance Commissioner in the Cayman Islands. He briefly worked in the Bermuda insurance market before returning to regulation as Insurance Adviser to the Bahamian government. He later became manager of the Non-Admitted Insurers Information Office (now International Insurers' Department) at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners' headquarters, Kansas City.

Diane Potter, Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute, is Senior Analyst in the Commission's Insurance Division and deputises for Steve Butterworth in his absence. Diane oversees the supervision of the captive insurance sector and also helps create new insurance legislation such as the recent FGI legislation and has just finished consultation on new intermediary legislation.

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