Having been elected as President of the Guernsey States Advisory Committee, Conseiller Morgan is ex-officio the new Chairman of the Guernsey Financial Services Commission with political responsibility for the regulation of the financial services sector of the Island's economy.

He spent most of his working life in banking and related services including 20 years as a senior executive with a Guernsey bank from which he retired as Managing Director in 1993.

Mr Morgan entered Guernsey politics in 1988 when elected a People's Deputy for the Island's capital, St Peter Port. Subsequently he was elected as a Conseiller in 1991, 1994 and 1997. For six years he was President of the Social Security Authority introducing, in 1996, an innovative partnership scheme between government and the private sector for the provision of specialist medical services for the whole community.

As President of the Advisory and Finance Committee - the Island's Treasury and 'Finance Ministry' - his philosophy as 'Chancellor of the Exchequer' is strong on the promotion of Guernsey's financial services as the Island's biggest export earner. He also supports the maintenance of a favourable tax climate coupled with a social conscience which recognises the needs of education, health and welfare. 'It is our wealth creators - financial services providers - who deliver government with the resources to meet the ever-increasing demands of society,' he says.

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