1. Name of the company

2. Industrial property rights, differentiated between registered and applied rights with details of the factual and geographical scope of protection; proprietors and the protection period; trade secrets

3. License agreements, development agreements and other agreements relating to industrial property rights, including the grant of usufructuary rights in such rights

4. Legal contracts for the software used; contracts for the use of software by the company

5. Computer hardware, operating systems and application programs used by the company

6. Land and buildings with the relevant land registry extracts ; land restitution claims

7. Leasehold rights; renting, hiring and leasing agreements in which the company is involved concerning third party land and buildings and land and buildings of the company

8. Shares in other companies, including silent partnerships and profit-sharing loans

9. Non-performed contracts for the purchase or sale of land and buildings or rights equivalent to land as well as the assumption or termination of renting, hiring or leasing agreements concerning land and buildings owned by the company

10. Building licenses for the company

11. Non-performed contracts for the purchase of fixed assets (investments) which represent commitments for the company in excess of DM 100,000 (net) in an individual case

12. Renting and leasing agreements on equipment, machinery, heavy vehicles, passenger vehicles and other items of works and office furniture, fixtures and equipment (term and the annual net payment due)

13. Insurances, with the exception of insurances for company cars (risks and insurance amounts covered)

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