Announced to come some time ago and presented by the three Federal Ministers in charge back in March with some high level details, the German Federal Government resolved and published the so called "Digital Agenda 2014-2017" on August 20, 2014. It is supposed to form an important cornerstone of Germany's economic and innovation politics. Seven core areas of activity were identified and described. The central forum to develop and to steer the Digital Agenda will be the annual "IT-Summit".

For anyone who works within the digital economy and who uses, develops or creates digital products himself or herself the news for the Digital Agenda will be very limited. Even though the core areas of activity were identified long ago, only little has happened to progress and also the Digital Agenda contains few concrete proposals for actions and the corresponding funding.

However, such Digital Agenda needs to be understood as part of the political process to form an opinion and to identify potential for political activity. The paper was certainly not written with a focus on or to impress technology companies, founders, entrepreneurs or investors, techies & geeks, but for the political arena itself in order to demonstrate its positions and to fix any assured perception. It should therefore be noted very positively that digitalization has arrived on Germany's political agenda as a broad and great topic

We will watch out for any relevant changes in the law and will keep you posted.

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