As of 15 September 2010, four of the 12 divisions of the German Federal Cartel Office (BKartA) are under new directorship.  Three of the "new" directors have rotated from their directorship at different divisions within the FCO to their current position, whereas one previous case handler has been promoted to director.

Dr. Langhoff is now in charge of the 5th division and involved in all matters concerning mechanical and plant engineering, the metal industry, iron and steel, electro technology, measurement and control technology as well as patent and licenses. Previously Dr. Langhoff was the director of the 6th division.

Dr. Langhoff's previous directorship of the 6th division has been taken over by Mrs. Topel, who now oversees all questions concerning media, culture, sports and entertainment, the advertising industry, trade fairs as well as the paper industry.  Previously Mrs. Topel was the director of the 7th division.

Dr. Wagemann has taken over Mrs. Topel's previous directorship of the 7th division, and is now in charge of all questions in relation to telecommunications, broadcast engineering and EDP.  Dr. Wagemann used to be the director of the 11th division.

The 11th division sees a previous case handler under Dr. Wagemann being promoted to director of the division dealing with cartels. Mr. Hawerkamp, who previously worked as a case handler in the 11th division under the supervision of Dr. Wagemann, is now in charge of cartel enforcement and oversees the division which is tasked with the prosecution of administrative offences in conjunction with violations of section 1 of the German Act against restraints of Competition and Article 101(1) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union

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