Federal Supreme Court Decides that User Registration Data of Internet Portals Can Remain Anonymous

In a July 1 decision (source document in German), the German Federal Supreme Court (Bundesgerichtshof) held that the provider of an internet portal is not obliged to provide information about user registration data to an individual whose personal rights have been violated by evaluations published in the internet portal, because there is no legal basis for such claim.

Orientation Guideline for App Developer and App Provider

The Düsseldorfer Kreis ("Düsseldorf Circle"), an informal body of all German DPAs responsible for the private sector, published on June 16 an orientation guideline (source document in German) regarding the data protection requirements relevant to app developers and app providers.

GDD Issues Questionnaire for Verifying Compliance with the Safe Harbor Certification

The German Association for Data Protection and Data Security ("GDD") issued a questionnaire in May that will enable German data exporters to document that they have carried out a verification of compliance of the data importer with the relevant obligations under the Safe Harbor framework.

Proceedings Against Germany for Failing to Adopt EU Data Retention Directive Withdrawn

The European Commission has withdrawn the proceedings before the European Court of Justice against Germany for failing to adopt the EU Data Retention Directive ("Directive"). The Directive had been invalidated by the same court in a decision in April. The European Commission has applied for an order that Germany will bear the costs of the proceedings.