The French fintech landscape is undergoing a rapid period of growth. According to BlackFin Tech, in the past year the landscape has grown to 350+ fintechs, and in 2017 €240m was invested in French fintechs (this compared to the €140m invested in Q1 2018 alone).

Some of this growth is attributed to President Macron, who as stated by Crowdfund Insider, "put a new focus on innovation and fostering a robust startup ecosystem." To help fuel this growth in the fintech sector, the French government is creating a €10bn fintech startup fund, which will be invested over the next three to five years. With a government backing them, what's next for the French fintech ecosystem?

We asked our French contacts to share their perspective on fintech in their region. This report shares some of those findings.

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Originally published in LendIt Blog

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