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C.Savva & Associates Ltd
The Civil Registry and Migration Department of Cyprus implemented important changes to the procedures facilitating the entry of third country nationals in Cyprus for employment purposes.
Soteris Pittas & Co LLC
The traditional approach of English courts had been to protect the sanctity of agreements between parties in the event a dispute by safeguarding arbitration agreements.
C.Savva & Associates Ltd
As we had reported in our July newsletter, the new Alternative Investment Funds Law came into force in July 27, 2014, appointing the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commissioned (CySEC) as the competent supervisory authority for AIFs.
Soteris Pittas & Co LLC
A publication in the Economic Times has caused much debate in India since after blacklisting Cyprus for not sharing information on tax evaders.
Stricter limitations on the use of domestic CCTV systems that capture any part of a public space have been imposed by the EU this month, with wider effects likely to be felt across a range of technology and social media platforms.
Jones Day
The French Financial Institutions Litigation & Regulation Update is a periodic newsletter featuring the latest news in the financial services field in France.
Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance (GALA)
Given that it is much easier for the consumer to pick or differentiate between certain items, styles and washes within a clothing line or collection by name rather than by an article code sequence, fashion houses have established a practice to use style names.
Collas Crill Guernsey
There has been greater interest in recent years for the use of trusts to hold artwork, particularly as an investment class in its own regard.
Collas Crill Guernsey
With Guernsey’s new Foundations law coming into effect back in January 2013, Guernsey now has the full ‘toolkit’ of fiduciary structures for wealth planning needs.
Collas Crill Guernsey
In this overview, Heath Martorella of Collas Crill Trust and Angela Calnan of Collas Crill, Guernsey, look at the characteristics, potential uses and some practical considerations for Guernsey Foundations.
Collas Crill Guernsey
Welcome to this year's final edition of the Employment & Pensions newsletter.
The principal concept of an LLP is that it combines the most advantageous features from a traditional partnership and a company.
Based in Guernsey, Towers Watson Longevity Direct allows pension schemes to own a ready-made insurance cell that can write insurance and reinsurance contracts for longevity swap transactions.
NB Global has been listed on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange (LSE) since 20 April 2011 and was admitted to the FTSE 250 in March 2012.
The River and Mercantile UK Micro Cap Investment Company Limited raised £50.6 million on its listing on the premium segment of the London Stock Exchange (LSE) on 2 December 2014.
Dominic Wheatley, Chief Executive at Guernsey Finance, explains how Guernsey’s captive insurance expertise could allow brokers to tap into an additional flow of income.
Jo Stoddart of Quintessential Relocation Consultants considers some of the reasons why financiers would look to relocate to Guernsey.
Fiona Le Poidevin explains why issues of substance are driving up interest among fund managers in the potential upside of relocating to Guernsey.
Collas Crill Guernsey
Guernsey and Jersey are fast becoming seen as the jurisdictions of choice for Asian funds.
Carey Group
The protected cell company has come a long way since its creation in Guernsey in 1997 as a vehicle designed for use in the captive insurance industry.
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Kolcuoğlu Demirkan Koçaklı Attorneys at Law
4857 sayılı İş Kanunu’nun işçileri koruyucu ruhunun karşısında, iş sözleşmelerinin işverenler tarafından feshedilmesi gerek fesih anında ve gerek sonrasında birçok soruyu ve sorunu da beraberinde getirmektedir.
Giambrone Law ILP
Citizenship denotes the relationship between an individual and a state in which the individual owes allegiance to the state and in turn is entitled to its protection.
The Spanish residence permit legislation was enacted on 27 September 2013.
Gur Law Firm
Alternative Dispute Resolutions are alternative methods that; an independent, objective and impartial third party provides the parties of the legal dispute to reach an agreement about the dispute by bringing them together and communicating with each other.
Clyde & Co
The US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), passed by Congress in March 2010, was finally implemented in July 2014.
Mason Hayes & Curran
Every Irish registered company is required by law to have a company secretary, who may also be one of the directors.
Withers LLP
We are now firmly in the FATCA era and moving on to the post FATCA era. With the first FATCA reports being submitted in March 2015, ..
GSG Attorneys at Law
Employment contracts may be terminated by mutual agreement of the parties.
Giambrone Law ILP
Le attuali circostanze economiche nelle quali le società si trovano ad operare, impongono una gestione quanto più oculata delle proprie attività e delle proprie risorse nonché
The Sovereign Group
Countries who are perceived as selling their passports are often frowned upon but the reality is that all countries try to encourage immigration by the wealthy .
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