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By Tyler Woods
In his byline article for QSR Magazine titled "Don't Get Burned When Hiring Minors," Irvine Partner Tyler Woods discusses...
By Richard Meneghello
Negotiations continued right up until the end, but when the dust settled on California's newest employment law, gig economy companies were not spared from the worst.
By Nicholas S. Hulse, Travis Vance
Employers have long operated under the premise that the North Carolina Workers' Compensation Act provides the exclusive remedy for workers injured on the job
By James Fessenden
The California legislature today approved a controversial new law that will reshape the way businesses across the state classify workers
By Michael Carrouth, Stephen Mitchell
In a blow to national union organization efforts, the National Labor Relations Board just clarified the test for determining whether "micro-units" of employees within a larger workforce can organize
By Scott Fanning
With aging workers retiring later than ever, there are now five generations working together in today's modern workforce.
By Melissa Shimizu
Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs) are account-based health plans funded with employer contributions to reimburse eligible participants and dependents for medical expenses
By Fisher & Philips LLP
Fisher Phillip's Autonomous Vehicles Group published a white paper that takes a deep dive into the various labor law issues that stand to arise when transit employers
By Lauren C. Tompkins
With employees increasingly working well beyond 70 years of age, and new graduates entering the workforce every day, companies are facing a new set of challenges
By Steven Bernstein, Lisa Vickery
In yet another ruling that levels the labor relations playing field, the National Labor Relations Board ruled on Friday that employers could rightfully
By Kristin R.B. White
Most employers are aware that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration can issue monetary penalties for health and safety violations occurring in the workplace
By Ashby Angell
A federal appeals court recently rejected a physician's employment discrimination lawsuit against a hospital that revoked her privileges because it found her not to be an "employee"
By Lariza A. Hebert
Independent contractors are often utilized in the construction industry due to short-term needs and the many trades associated with construction projects.
By Tyler Woods
At the height of the #MeToo movement, California lawmakers enacted a requirement that all employers with five or more employees would need to provide sexual harassment prevention training to all employees
By Tiffani W. Greene
A Health Savings Account (HSA) is a popular vehicle for paying health care costs. Employees find HSAs attractive because they can control
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