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By Kevin Doherty, Kevin Bruno, James Carter
The rising Pokémon Go sensation has dramatically increased the popularity of augmented reality games, but it has also brought with it increased risks and liabilities for both game users and developers alike.
By Justin Lavella, Kyle Brinkman
Bankruptcy plans often now provide that certain claims will be prosecuted by a litigation trustee for the benefit of a creditor trust post-bankruptcy.
By Jared Zola, Frank M. Kaplan
As a wise person once said, "It's déjà vu all over again." Anyone who thought wage-and-hour lawsuits would be a short-lived lawsuit du jour of the plaintiffs' bar have been proven wrong.
By Ann Laupheimer
In our experience, a lawyer specializing in insurance coverage—even a whole group of insurance coverage lawyers—can practice for decades hearing the word "captive" thrown about by brokers or risk managers in large companies without being asked to address legal issues relating to a captive and without understanding what the heck a captive is or how it works
By Aaron R. Lancaster, Erik Lowe
•The state plaintiffs in Michigan v. EPA were dealt a blow on Wednesday when the U.S. Supreme Court denied their petition for a stay of enforcement of the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards
By Aaron R. Lancaster, Erik Lowe
A group of twenty State AGs filed a petition asking the Supreme Court to stay the implementation of the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards rule while the EPA makes the required procedural revisions to the rule.
By Robyn Michaelson, Omid Safa
A governmental entity may initiate an investigation with something as seemingly innocuous as an "informal" request for information...
By Aaron R. Lancaster, Erik Lowe
State AGs In The News - February 19th, 2016
By Aaron R. Lancaster, Doreen Manchester, Erik Lowe
CFPB Continues to Limit Dealer Discretion in Indirect Auto Lending; FTC Sticks Glue Maker With Lawsuit; New York AG Looks to Pull the Plug on Ticket Bots.
By Justin Chiarodo, Christian Curran
The Department of Justice (DOJ) is setting its sights on individual accountability for corporate wrongdoing.
By Aaron R. Lancaster, Erik Lowe
Washington AG Bob Ferguson is seeking summary judgment and an order to lift the protective order over the documents filed in his case against the Grocery Manufacturers Association...
By Gabriela Coman
Success in the Emerging Asian Markets (EAMs) requires medical device companies to ensure superior product and patent protection for both their products and related methods of use...
By John Gibbons, Jared Zola, Erin Webb
This week, winter snowstorms swept through the East Coast of the United States and several surrounding areas, leaving snowfall of up to two to three feet in a 36-hour period.
By Aaron R. Lancaster, Doreen Manchester, Erik Lowe
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) settled with Y King S Corp., doing business as Herbies Auto Sales, to resolve allegations that the "buy-here pay-here" auto dealer violated the Truth in Lending Act...
By Doreen Manchester, Aaron R. Lancaster, Erik Lowe
West Virginia AG Patrick Morrisey filed a lawsuit alleging that McKesson Corporation violated the state consumer protection and controlled substances acts, and committed unfair and deceptive acts or practices.
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