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By Darlene Shaw
The recent ruling of the Supreme Court of the United States in South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc., while receiving little coverage here in Canada, may have a substantial impact on how Canadian companies do business ...
By Denver Nicklas
In Canada, corporations may claim a small business deduction on their corporate tax returns, effectively reducing the corporate tax rate on the first $500,0001 of taxable income from active business income.
By Catherine Kozma
This acceleration of debt repayment will generate interest savings of $332 million over five years.
By Daniel Coccimiglio
Back in July 2017, the Canadian Advanced Technology Association (CATA) published its update on SR&ED.
By Sarah Netley
The Tax on Split Income (TOSI) regime has had significant impact on tax planning strategies for owner-managed businesses.
By John Oakey
Further details on these new measures will be introduced in the 2019 Federal Budget.
By John Oakey
The single tax measure introduced in the 2018 fall economic update was accelerated capital cost allowance for eligible property.
By Sarah Netley
An Application for a Certificate of Appointment of an Estate Trustee with a Will, or more commonly referred to as probate, is the process whereby the Court certifies that an individual's...
By John Oakey
This article discusses virtual currency and virtual currency mining. We refer to these generally as "bitcoin" and "bitcoin mining," as bitcoin is the most common virtual currency.
By Craig Hoover
The Canadian Agricultural Partnership (ACP) launched on April 3, 2018.
By Collins Barrow National Cooperative Inc.
As the latest Lawyers Alert makes clear, the legal profession navigates a wide range of issues – including cybersecurity, compensation plans, marketing and demographics – that don't always come...
By Tony Alberton
In recent Tax Alerts we discussed the tax on split income (TOSI), which limits income-splitting techniques involving private corporations by taxing amounts received at the highest marginal tax rate.
By Rosa Iuliano
For tax purposes, the Canadian Revenue Agency requires businesses to complete all transactions at fair market value, but some businesses find themselves making special arrangements with family,
By Collins Barrow National Cooperative Inc.
In December 2017, U.S. lawmakers passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the most comprehensive U.S. tax reform in more than 30 years.
By Bill Crowther
Discretionary family trusts are used extensively for tax, family and succession planning, as they afford enormous flexibility
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