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By Tonia Antoniou
Tonia Antoniou, Discusses Why Tax Benefits Offered In Cyprus Are A Competitive Advantage For Any Business.
By Justine Scerri Herrera
Firstly, I will list the activities which an Authorised Payment Institution is allowed to do.
By Justine Scerri Herrera
In this article, Dr Justine Scerri Herrera, who specializes in Blockchain and Crypto (VFA Department), talks about how security token offerings are revolutionizing the capital markets.
By Michael Kyprianou & Co LLC
The ePrivacy Regulation is an unfinished EU law first published in January 2017 that is meant to become an extension of the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation.
By Savvas Savvides
Private education is a term often used to be compared with public sector education.
By Savvas Savvides
It is therefore reasonable for someone to ask how GRECO examines the compliance process of its members.
By Eleni Drakou
It is noted that investing in Government Bonds is no longer available.
By Agis Charalambous
Application s must be filed through an attorney at law licensed to practice in Cyprus.
By Paul Felice
The DPO is expected to have a certain degree of involvement in matters relating to the processing activities carried out by the controller or processor.
By Olga Pshenichnaya
Investment in a Cyprus company at the initial stages of development, self-financing or third-party investments at further stages of the company's development,as well as financing of related and unrelated parties ...
By Tonia Antoniou, Lorena Charalambous, Eleni Drakou, Kyriakos Constantinou
Before examining the tax regimes that apply to individual clients in Cyprus, it is important to draw a distinction between residents and non-residents in Cyprus, as well as between persons who are domiciled in the Republic and those who are not.
By Pariana Demetriou
"Sanctions", or "Restrictive Measures", are imposed on natural and legal persons in order to prevent and limit violation of International Law, human rights and politics.
By Maria Georgiou
In an environment with increasing regulations and reporting requirements, it is of great importance to ensure that our Cyprus Companies comply with all their obligations (statutory and other reporting).
By Savvas Savvides
I am sure many of us have been closely following the political events taking place in the United Kingdom over the past few days, following the political process and the draft agreement regarding Brexit and the relationship between the UK and the EU.
By Savvas Savvides
We are at the dawn of the twenty-first century, a century where the swift administration of justice is a sine qua non for a modern rule of law such as in Cyprus.
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