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By Alex Haslam, Katherine Czoch, Nitesh Patel
Trends are emerging from the quarterly statistical data reports released by the OAIC on data breach notifications.
By Justine Siavelis, Katherine Czoch, Olivia Roberts
Some of the worst examples of misconduct in the financial services industry were set out in this recent FCA judgment.
By Gavin Northmore, Justine Siavelis, Cherry Lee
This article compares the new WA penalties with the work health and safety laws by Safe Work Australia in the Model Act.
By David Flint, James Duffy
This UK case is useful for insurers and underwriters in the renewal or issue of insurance policies covering cyber risks.
By Alison Townend, Katrina Fitzgerald
A contractor excavating an area with possible underground cables should have taken all reasonable steps to locate them.
By Justine Siavelis, Katherine Czoch, Malcolm Wood
New external dispute resolution body provides a one stop shop for consumer complaints against financial services providers. .
By Joel Zyngier
Paying a casual loading does not mean an employee is a casual and may not remove the obligation to pay annual leave.
By Joel Zyngier, Ellen Davis
Recent case looks at class actions as a mechanism for workers to collectively pursue employers for FWA breaches.
By Katherine Czoch, Chetan Shukla
Duty of disclosure takes primacy over any implied or written obligation within an insurance policy to advance defence costs.
By Quentin Owen
An appellate Court that is asked to disregard any adverse impressions of the trial judge has not seen the testimony.
By Catherine Hing, Daniela Faggionato, Lucinda Mullins
The overarching principles of negligence are based on what a reasonable person, not a perfect person, would have done.
By Katherine Czoch, Justine Siavelis, David Flint, Marini Mann
Recent decision creates uncertainty for parties involved in construction & infrastructure projects.
By Justine Siavelis, Katherine Czoch, James Duffy
Data protection laws that go beyond Australian privacy laws and which are applicable to some Australian companies discussed here.
By Katherine Czoch, James Duffy
From 1 July 2018, the ASD will become an independent statutory body with several increased powers to combat cybercrime.
By Katherine Czoch, Sonja Schoenborn
The key issues in the case were scope of the auditor's duty and whether a breach of that duty caused the loss claimed.