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By Norman Donato
Article highlights that the decision to buy should be preceded by the decision of how to buy.
By David Creais, Peter Barakate, Norman Donato, Dennis Loether, Ryan Murphy, Joram Richa
Article contains a link to a newsletter that provides an update for councils including legal opinions & topical legal matters.
By David Creais
Recent case highlights to councils not to delay proceedings for unpaid rates as they may have less than 12 years to make a claim.
By Dennis Loether, Joram Richa
Article discusses the rights that acquiring authorities have to challenge a determination made by the Valuer General.
By Ryan Murphy
How the introduction of the word "irrelevant" in the discrimination legislation impacts employers & their recruitment practices.
By Peter Barakate
Information about the requirements of government under its PPP guidelines for dealing with private-public partnerships.
By Kate Ralph
In this decision in the NSW Workers Compensation Commission, a worker was awarded a motor vehicle as a medical expense.
By Mick Franco, Jessica Maiuolo
Recent decision that confirms Hochbaum interpretation of s39 WCA (arrears weekly compensation is not payable) is being tested.
By Kate Ralph, Ryan Murphy
Are contestants of reality TV shows 'workers' for workers' compensation purposes?
By Gerard Basha
The law expects a high standard of professional trustees in the performance of their legal duties and obligations.
By Chris Tsovolos, Peter Kramer, Stephanie Flegg, Jeremy Tjeuw
Trustees of discretionary trusts owning NSW residential property should amend trust deeds to avoid foreign beneficiaries.
By Chris Tsovolos, Stephanie Flegg, Jeremy Tjeuw
This article outlines the Bill's proposed amendments to the Duties Act 1997 in respect of landholder duty provisions.
By Gavin Stuart, Phoebe Martin
This is a checklist of some issues to consider in winding up a time share arrangement to realise the value of each share.
By Sharon Levy, David Creais
A NSW home owner was not be able to make another claim for defective building works after an initial claim was resolved.
By Raffael Maestri
Article discusses 'character and conduct' and how it can be a determinative factor in whether a court makes a family provision order.
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