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By Andrew Frankland, Belinda Cao
One of the areas addressed in this Budget is an "integrity measure" in relation to the taxation of testamentary trusts.
By Adam Cutri, Claire Limbach
This is the first of a two part series focussing on the gig economy and its key stakeholders. .
By Peter Barakate
The Crown Land Management Act will bring the management of NSW crown lands by councils under a largely single framework.
By Steven Griffiths, Dennis Loether
A draft Regulation will provide greater detail with respect to the practical implementation of the changes to the Act.
By Norman Donato
Until the introduction of this Scheme in 2018, Australia's mandatory data breach notification laws were limited.
By Mark Glynn
These 3 recent decisions highlight issues relating to local government contracts for building and construction services.
By David Greenhalgh
Councils and their risk managers should be aware of potential problems caused by asbestos and take steps to lessen them.
By Irene Horan, Sharon Levy, Melissa Potter
The bond should mean the early identification and rectification of defective building work in certain strata schemes.
By James Mattson
Justice Zammit in the Victorian Supreme Court was asked to determine whether farting at work was bullying behaviour.
By Gavin Stuart, Mark Glynn, Phoebe Martin
Company directors have 'safe harbour' protection from insolvent trading claims while they develop plans to restructure.
By James Mattson, Ryan Murphy
Article examines 2 recent scandals and identifies some lessons for employers when investigating workplace complaints.
By Oliver Shtein, Karen Wong
This article addresses some of the practical issues in advising clients on the operation of Personal Property Securities Act 2009. .
By Priti Joshi, Michael Cossetto
There are a few steps for a shareholder of the company to consider before he or she has a right to inspect the books.
By Peter Barakate
If the expectation is reasonable, but the landlord denies the lease, he may be liable to pay compensation to the tenant.
By Adam Cutri, Stephen Ke
The article looks at how documents produced under subpoena are admitted, and rights of persons producing those documents.
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