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By Gavin Stuart
If experts act as an advocate for the party which retained them, they can place their reputation and future work at risk.
By Michael Cossetto, Adam Cutri, Priti Joshi
ICANN has adopted an interim model to assist domain name registries and registrars with complying with the GDPR.
By Mick Franco, Jessica Maiuolo
To combine permanent impairment from different injuries, the pathology from each injury must be the same or identical.
By James Mattson, Claire Limbach
Article explores why sexual harassment is still prevalent in the workplace despite it being illegal for some time.
By Judith Edwards, Clemance Semaan
The meaning of 'artificial aid' was discussed in a recent presidential decision in the Workers Compensation Commission.
By Gavin Stuart, Phoebe Martin
This decision reinforces the role of interim receivers and managers and the Court approach to fixing their remuneration.
By James Mattson, Darren Gardner
Employers must manage resources (including staffing) effectively and efficiently and employees are obliged to cooperate.
By Darren Gardner
The contracts must also be clear across cultural and technological divides, with minimal risk of dispute or disagreement.
By James Mattson, Claire Limbach
Office relations happen, so employers and employees should work together to avoid conflicts, poor morale and fall out.
By Ryan Murphy
Anyone can lead a business when times are good; it is what you do in the tough times that sets a good manager apart.
By Gavin Stuart, Adam Cutri, James Mattson, Nick Leon
If a business finds itself a victim of fraud at the hands of an employee, a number of practical steps can be taken.
By Peter Kramer, Julia Yassa
New Act introduces a new GST withholding regime which applies to certain residential real property transactions. .
By Andrew Frankland, Belinda Cao
One of the areas addressed in this Budget is an "integrity measure" in relation to the taxation of testamentary trusts.
By Adam Cutri, Claire Limbach
This is the first of a two part series focussing on the gig economy and its key stakeholders. .
By Peter Barakate
The Crown Land Management Act will bring the management of NSW crown lands by councils under a largely single framework.
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