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By Amber Sharp, Jade Bond
The realm of casual employment has recently become a chaotic place - and government has made it a bit more political.
By David Greenhalgh
Article explains the nature of divisible and indivisible diseases and the different ways that they are dealt with in court.
By Gerard Basha
Discussion of the forfeiture rule (now reflected in the Forfeiture Act 1995 (NSW)) and its application.
By Gerard Basha
Digital assets are now quite significant for most people and need to be considered in the event of incapacity or death.
By Amber Sharp, Jade Bond
The Court ruled that an employee who was employed and paid as a casual was still entitled to annual leave entitlements.
By Gavin Stuart, Phoebe Martin
These reforms to corporation and tax laws have significant impact on directors, pre-insolvency advisers and businesses.
By James Mattson
This bulletin examines how the Fair Work Act holds managers and others to personal account.
By Sam Harmer
Increased ACL penalties aim to act as a deterrent for non-compliance instead of just being the cost of doing business.
By Oliver Shtein, Eric Kwan
The changes to the CSF regime present an excellent opportunity for smaller companies to tap into a larger pool of funds.
By Stephen Ke
Businesses are generally bound by the terms of a contract, but in some circumstances, parties may get out of a bad deal.
By Gavin Stuart
If experts act as an advocate for the party which retained them, they can place their reputation and future work at risk.
By Michael Cossetto, Adam Cutri, Priti Joshi
ICANN has adopted an interim model to assist domain name registries and registrars with complying with the GDPR.
By Mick Franco, Jessica Maiuolo
To combine permanent impairment from different injuries, the pathology from each injury must be the same or identical.
By James Mattson, Claire Limbach
Article explores why sexual harassment is still prevalent in the workplace despite it being illegal for some time.
By Judith Edwards, Clemance Semaan
The meaning of 'artificial aid' was discussed in a recent presidential decision in the Workers Compensation Commission.
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