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By Amber Sharp, Ryan Murphy
Before the end of 2018, employers must send a notification of the prospective changes to regular casual employees.
By David Creais
Councils must demand transparency in contracting to prevent collusion, corruption, or nepotism, with above market prices.
By Darren Gardner, Andrew Yahl
There are situations where Councils could consider a reasonable request of employees to reduce or change work hours.
By Gavin Stuart
Defamation is a personal right of action and occurs when a person's reputation is damaged in a publication about them.
By Norman Donato
Government decision making is a balance of public and private interest, generally in the context of a legal framework.
By Mick Franco
The focus of a compensation claim (injury) and an HR investigation (conduct) are different, so they cannot be combined.
By Steven Griffiths, Dennis Loether
Amendments provide some relief to areas where incremental expansion of seniors housing developments has been an issue.
By Peter Barakate
Councils must be aware that in hardship applications they may need to pay landowners more than market value for the land.
By Andrew Yahl, James Mattson
Domestic violence is a big issue for the Australian community, and is now an issue confronting all Australian workplaces.
By Oliver Shtein, Priti Joshi, Lucinda Borg
There is still a lot of uncertainty about when it might be appropriate to accept an electronic signature on a document.
By Amber Sharp, Jade Bond
A new regulation prevents 'double dipping' by casual employees claiming both casual loadings and annual leave payments.
By Stephen Marsh
It is imperative that pre-filing statement and defence are properly pleaded based upon what is known at the time.
By Clemance Semaan, Malcolm Griffin
Causation is established if the alleged consequential injury results from the accepted compensable injury/condition.
By Amber Sharp, Ryan Murphy
Businesses must now genuinely try to reach agreement in relation to a request for flexible work by an award covered employee.
By Mark Glynn, Kate Cormican
Effective negotiation of crane licence agreements can save time and risks of unnecessary and expensive court proceedings.
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