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By Sarina Roppolo, Jacob Rodgers
The legislation was introduced to prevent developers intentionally delaying registration of plans past the sunset date.
By Elliott Smith
The issue of the impartiality of arbitrators is of utmost importance to public confidence in the arbitration process.
By Ivan Oshry
The changes will impact holding companies and franchisors who have significant influence or control over their networks.
By David Murray-Nobbs, Stuart Stevens
Merchants (other than the taxi industry) are prohibited from charging excessive surcharges for accepting Card payments.
By Sarina Roppolo, Jacob Rodgers
This case should provide comfort to parents or other parties who consider assisting individuals to purchase a property.
By Matthew Wilson
This Review aims to develop a roadmap and implementation framework foe achieving an Open Banking framework in Australia.
By Phil Kaunitz
This reinforces existing authority that, when a borrower pays out its mortgage, it has limited rights against the lender.
By Alina Oussova
ASIC has taken steps to close a loophole in the capital raising rules, by requiring a compliant disclosure document.
By Roger Mattar
On 1 September 2017 the Conveyancing (Sale of Land) Regulation 2017 (Regulation) will come into effect.
By Roger Mattar
For NSW construction contracts valued at or over $20million, retention money must be held in an approved trust account.
By Andrea Wookey
This Federal Court case is the first to provide any real guidance on the intra-group pricing of debt by multinationals.
By Andrea Wookey
The decision provided guidance about the importance of bankers' duties to guarantors under the Code of Banking Practice.
By Sarina Roppolo, Ian Marsden
The decision affirms that conduct capable of constituting duress is limited to threatened or actual unlawful conduct.
By Bill Chapman
Australia may be losing its screen production competitiveness to other jurisdictions which offer similar tax incentives.
In the Yaktine case, the NSW Supreme Court considered the duties of solicitors when dealing with powers of attorney.
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