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By Lisa Bokova
Amendments relating to the strike-off of a company Members and Creditors protection. Any member or creditor of a company may object to the striking-off of a company within the period of 3 months
By Soteris Sp Pittas
In the case CFG CAPITAL PARTNERS LTD –V- VANISTELROY HOLDINGS LTD & OTHERS, the District Court of Nicosia cancelled interim injunctions issued pursuant to Section 9 of the Law 101/87 ...
By Lisa Bokova
The Council of Ministers abolished the obligation to pay capital duty of 0.6% on the authorized share capital or any increase thereof.
By Lisa Bokova
The bill, which came into force on 2nd January 2018, has amended the Value Added Tax Law.
By Soteris Pittas
It has been held by Cypriot courts (adopting English case law) that the power of court to order the rectification of a register of members of a company, under section 111 of Cyprus Companies Laws CAP 113.
By Kyriakos Pittas
Generally, in international commercial arbitrations the remedy which is most commonly sought and which is usually granted, is that of damages ...
By Nada Starovlah
Certain significant amendments have been made to the Cyprus Investment Scheme whereby the Government has taken a step to limit the program, even after imposing the 700 applicant limit this year.
By Kyriakos Pittas
When a company enters insolvency or its ‘'vicinity''[1], the fiduciary duties of directors are no longer owed to the company as a whole, and instead their duties shift towards the creditors.
By Lisa Bokova
In Cyprus Transfer Pricing rules are regulated by the circular issued on 30 June 2017 by the Cyprus Tax Authorities (CTA) (the "Circular") revising the transfer pricing framework for companies ...
By Kyriakos Pittas
In the case of Re Nicolaou Bros Tourist Enterprises Ltd (1999) 1 AAD 201, the Supreme Court of Cyprus, by adopting English legal principles ...
By Nada Starovlah, Eleana Dimitriou
A recent decision of the District Court of Limassol has clarified the interpretation relating to Article 7(2) of the recast EU Regulation reaffirming the general principle that civil actions...
By Lisa Bokova
The system that has been introduced in 2013 remains in full force and our previous note in this respect applies in full, however, certain changes have been implemented by the council of Ministers...
By Soteris Pittas
Waiver is constituted by the deliberate intentional and unequivocal release or abandonment of the right that is later sought to be enforced (see ZHANG –V- SHANGHAI WOOL & JUTE TEXTILE CO LTD (2006) VSCA 133).
By Antonis Alexopoulos
In a recent case in which our office has been acting on behalf of the principal debtor/mortgager and its guarantor the powers of an out of court appointed Administrator/Receiver as per a floating charge have been questioned.
By Soteris Pittas
In a recent decision, the Supreme Court of Cyprus issued a prerogative order of Certiorari and quashed and cancelled a draconian anti-suit injunction issued by a district court...
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