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By Hannah Marshall, Michael Bradley
Article highlights the major impending changes to the ACL.
By Hannah Marshall, Michael Bradley
Comparative ads are often backed with statistics and graphs, so audiences trust them - but they can also easily mislead.
By Felicia Lal, Giselle Finnane
ASIC has finally issued the first seven Australian Financial Services licences to equity crowdfunding intermediaries.
By Alex Horvath, Hannah Marshall
The article includes summaries of recent cases involving the ACCC and misleading claims and excessive payment surcharges.
By James True, Wesley Rogers
Uber could breathe a big sigh of relief when the Fair Work Commission ruled that this Uber driver was not an employee.
By Liam Rogers, Kim Middleton
The AEMC's final rule on embedded networks and customer access to the National Electricity Market has come into force.
By Hannah Marshall, Michael Bradley
Faruqi isn't suing Latham for accusations of anti-white racism - he claims that Latham suggests he encourages terrorism.
By Georgia Horovitz, Kim Middleton
Businesses need to consider any terms in their contracts that could impose onerous terms on small business customers.
By Liam Rogers, Kim Middleton
It's not okay to record someone in their home, but legal protection from this type of behaviour is not straightforward.
By Alex Horvath, Hannah Marshall, Michael Bradley
These changes include the misuse of market power effects test, along with other reforms stemming from the Harper Review.
By Liam Rogers, Kim Middleton
The NEG is supposed to deliver more affordable and reliable energy while meeting Australia's international obligations.
By Hannah Marshall, Daisy Von Schoenberg
Once you know, or should reasonably know, that the material is defamatory, then you can be liable for publishing it.
By Justin Cudmore, Emilie Blake
"The Charter on the Working Relations with Fashion Models and their Well-Being" has been developed for fashion models.
By Wesley Rogers, James True
The union bid to reverse the Fair Work Commission's decision to reduce penalty rates was rejected by the Federal Court.
By Justin Cudmore, James True
Australian businesses which don't need to comply with privacy laws here could find themselves falling foul of EU laws.
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