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By Benjamin Shaw, Morgan Stack
This article considers a recent Victorian decision concerning a challenge to a charge clause in a commercial agreement.
By Maree Skinner
Employers must ensure contractors are engaged appropriately to avoid the risk of claims from workers or by regulators.
By Scott Guthrie
This article examines how the PPSA rules should be applied, and how much they represent a departure from previous law.
By Bill Burrough
Both landlords and tenants should pay close attention to the terms of the outgoings provisions when negotiating a lease.
By Benjamin Shaw
A central theme in Australia's safe harbour legislation is a director's duty to find a "better outcome for the company".
By Kamini Newton, Juanita Rayson, Geoff Cairns
Those weighing up a potential IPO listing should ask themselves these questions as early on in the process as possible.
By Kartika Pillay
AFCA will replace FOS, CIO and SCT, the three dispute resolution services currently in the banking and finance sector.
By Robert Bianchini
The sole shareholder of the companies failed in his attempt to challenge the validity of the administrator appointments.
By Stuart Green
This was a good reminder to brand owners that there is no 'one size fits all' approach for the enforcement of IP rights.
By Joanne Hardwick
Australia's new safe harbour laws leave gaps around the protection of third parties dealing with the struggling company.
By Simone Collignon
CSF is an exciting development in Australia's fundraising landscape as it offers an alternative source of capital.
By Mahoney Smith, Liam McIllhatton
The new expanded trading hours regime divides shops into categories and will impact each specific retailer differently.
By Juanita Rayson
Companies deciding whether to list should take note of the report's findings and expect further guidance in the future.
By John Stragalinos, John Heard
Disputes between shareholders can be costly and disruptive, so it is important that any disputes are resolved quickly.
By Hayley Upton
It is critical to check whether service of documents by post will be recognised in the jurisdiction of the recipient.
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