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By Mark Chapman
Businesses must exercise caution when negotiating new contracts, particularly on the issue of costs and pricing.
By Mark Chapman
Cryptoassets such as Bitcoin and Litecoin have been on the radar of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for some time.
By Mark Chapman
Where a mistake has been made during the course of formalising commercial contractual arrangements, when will the court be prepared to rectify it and on what basis?
By Shakira Maynard-Johnson
There was high hope that the long awaited reform to the UK's current divorce regime would finally take place as the as the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill made its way through Parliament.
By Frankie Tierney
Adverse Possession is the term used when a party claims ownership of land not because they can produce documents proving they have bought it
By Cesare McArdle
Late payments have been the scourge of small and medium size businesses (SMEs) for many years but despite the introduction of legislation to deal with the issue
By Cesare McArdle
For more than two years now, large businesses have been legally obliged to publish their payment performance twice-yearly.
By Frankie Tierney
In 1993 Mr Hammond bought CHF consisting of some 90 acres and with it the benefit of the covenant.
By Alex Mulroe
People who live together are taxed separately and each person has their own personal allowance entitlement.
By Steph Richards
Imagine a developer identifies a plot of land he or she believes has significant future development potential, but obtaining planning may not be guaranteed.
By Herrington Carmichael
Solicitors claim proposed changes to inheritance tax will leave major problems unresolved, according to an article in the Law Gazette.
By Joshua Watkins
The phrase ‘material breach' has no set legal meaning unless given one in a contract.
By Amanda Phillips-Wylds
If the other parent is not paying child maintenance, there is no legal basis to stop them from seeing their child.
By Katie Harris
HMRC considers there to be just two different types of employment status in relation to tax; employed or self-employed.
By Alistair McArthur
In Upton-Hansen Architects v Gyftaki, the EAT held that if an individual is found to have been constructive dismissed, an employer needs to prove a potentially fair reason for the dismissal to successfully defend the claim.