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By May Chan
The Chinese government has lowered trade mark official fees in an effort to enhance IP protection for trade mark owners.
By Peter Hallett, Sylvie Tso
Article advises that the ACCC guidelines will be required reading for anyone involved in IP licensing in Australia.
By Jennifer Kwaan, Sylvie Tso
Article provides a snapshot of the licensing of SEPs in Australia & provides a description of a standard essential patent.
By Dhanasun Chumchuay, Warisara Salangam
Explanation of why one should enlist careful assistance from local TM counsel when designating Thailand in a TM application.
By Joerg Sosna
To curb the bad faith filing practice, the NPCSC introduced the 'intent to use' requirement to the China Trade Mark Law.
By Daniel Wilson
Discussion about recent trademark case where IRIDE opposed application to register MY RIDE.
By David Tso, Declan McKeveney
Recent FC decision confirms that diagnostic methods are patentable subject-matter in Australia.
By Ayesha Lee
Patentees should consider if refurbished goods were remanufactured (potentially infringing) or repaired (non-infringing).
By Rhiannan Solomon, Blake Knowles
This case highlights the importance of due-diligence prior to using or applying to register a trade mark in Australia.
By Bernadette Hawkins
Patentees need to be aware that a third party can apply for protection against exploitation by a compulsory licence.
By Sarah Vo, Peter Hallett
Businesses should review their IP contracts to avoid penalties for breach of the competition law provisions of the CCA.
By Daniel Collopy
IPIII offers an insurance policy for enterprises and innovators with a Singapore patent, trademark or registered design.
By David Mueller-Wiesner, Edward Genocchio
Two primary topics are the Innovation Patent system and harmonisation of the inventive step test with European practice.
By Chris Addicott, Gint Silins
Removing the requirement to file verification certificates will ease the burden on patent applicants and professionals.
By Dhanasun Chumchuay
This is a summary of the TGIL contents as well as recommendations for those interested in registering GIs in Myanmar.