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Duncan Cotterill
By Dan Winfield
Article recommends individual farmers to make submissions in relation to proposal document for healthy waterways.
By Brian Nathan
A key change arising from the HSWA was the use of WorkSafe-approved enforceable undertakings as an alternative to prosecution.
By David Briscoe
The fundamental and challenging aspect of partnership visa applications is relationship evidence that must be provided.
By Aaron Sherriff
EQC will make an ex gratia payment to cover the cost of repair for purchasers of these earthquake-damaged properties.
By Aaron Sherriff
SR found to have mislead & deceived customer in relation to the Buy Another House option in their insurance contract.
By Brian Nathan
Court considered how the definition of ordinary weekly pay requires an employer to treat commissions when calculating holiday pay.
By Ewan Chapman
Article discusses the different agricultural emissions policy options put forward by the government & primary sector leaders.
By Andrew Oh
The Biosecurity Act is to be reviewed partly as a result of flaws highlighted because of the Mycoplasma bovis outbreak.
By Ewan Chapman
The Government is seeking feedback on its discussion documents setting out preferred policies on agricultural emissions.
By Aaron Sherriff
The amendment act significantly impacts on the rights and obligations of both landlords and three areas.
By Katherine Forward
Article discusses the new rules brought about by PC7 & what they mean for future operations.
By Brian Nathan
This bullying conviction in South Australia could have implications for health and safety practices in New Zealand.
By Amanda Bradley
Relationship property law could be replaced, now that the Law Commission report has recommended significant changes.
By Ayleath Foote
A new Trusts Act replaces the Trustee Act 1956 to make the law more accessible to trustees and beneficiaries of trusts.
By Brian Nathan
WorkSafe has clarified that the HSWA does not cover injuries that happen as a result of doing a recreational activity.
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