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By Amer Pasalic
In Nemchin v. Green,1 the Court of Appeal for Ontario clarified a number of important aspects of the process for determining the admissibility of video surveillance evidence at trial.
By Ryan Middleton
Ryan Middleton, Dentons Canada and Sean Flinn, BFL Canada talk Transactional Risk Insurance. The first of this four part series explores the reasons behind the rapid growth
By Eric Lung
To support the achievement of its visionary goals, the CMMP establishes six strategic directions.
By Dina I. Awad
Governments have become concerned with artificial intelligence's ("AI") responsible use given the continued proliferation of AI technologies across industries.
By Daniel McElroy
If you find work-related emails to be ubiquitous, you will likely find the same of signature "blocks", setting out the sender's name, position and contact information
By Ryan Middleton
Ryan Middleton, Dentons Canada and Sean Flinn, BFL Canada, discuss where it makes sense to use Representation & Warranty Insurance to complete a M&A transaction.
By Luca Lucarini
Does entering someone's house while he is out of the country and stealing his personal documents amount to conduct that is so reprehensible that it might warrant an award for punitive damages on top of damages for...
By Henry J. Chang
On August 15, 2019, US Department of Homeland Security announced that the United States and Canada had implemented its Agreement on Land, Rail, Marine, and Air Transport Preclearance.
By Ryan Middleton
Ryan Middleton, Dentons Canada and Sean Flinn, BFL Canada, discuss how Representation & Warranty Insurance can be structured where the seller does not want to provide any seller indemnity.
By Christina Porretta
In Ridel v Goldberg, 2019 ONCA 636, the Court of Appeal for Ontario considered whether a judgment creditor was statute-barred from pursuing a claim for contribution and indemnity
By Tracy Molino, Ryan Middleton
On July 24, 2019, the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) approved a settlement agreement with CoinLaunch Corp
By Kirsten Thompson, Adam Allouba, Sandy Walker
Like regulatory agencies everywhere, Canada's Competition Bureau (the "Bureau") is grappling with the fast-changing digital economy and its implications for competition and innovation.
By Deepshikha Dutt
As cybersecurity attacks and data breaches have become increasingly prominent and costly, it is essential that organizations have the proper policies and procedures to protect themselves against significant financial and reputational harm
By Ken Dhaliwal, Juliet Smith
Canada is recognized as a major player in film, television and interactive digital media production.
By Paul Lalonde, Sean Stephenson
With the increased use of sanctions as a foreign policy tool by western states, individuals and entities transacting with virtual and digital currency
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