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By Elizabeth Olsson
The increase of 3% for the annual minimum wage was less than those of the last two years (3.5% and 3.3% respectively).
By Joanna Andrew
Article discusses that trust, transparency & accountability are important for a healthy, productive and positive culture.
By Adam Crichton
This employee's refusal to comply with the new company policy was not considered to be a valid reason for his dismissal.
By Natasha Budimski
The article includes common disclosure issues that claimants should be aware of when lodging a claim for compensation.
By Anthony Kelly
Some companies have recognised the large amount of unredeemed expired gift cards and so have removed the expiry dates.
By Adam Crichton
Article discusses review of WHS laws, why it was needed, findings and recommendations and what it all means for businesses.
By Catherine Leis
During family law financial court proceedings and negotiations, both parties must provide all relevant documentation.
By Anthony Kelly
Among other findings, Landmark's conduct was found to be misleading and deceptive or likely to mislead or deceive.
By Selina Nikoloudakis
Five inter-related steps must be considered when determining who gets what following the breakdown of a relationship.
By Joanna Andrew
Part of following good governance principles involves developing systems and processes, which could save time and money.
By Adam Crichton
Describing an employee as casual and paying a casual loading still does not guarantee that an employee is in fact casual.
By Jean Foo
A statutory charge allows a creditor to claim debts from the principal if delayed or not paid by the sub-contractor.
By Nick Coutts
These changes mean that a website portal will be the main way documents are filed and handled across all of the Courts.
By Selina Nikoloudakis
This article explains the three key stages of the process you must follow when you decide to file for a divorce.
By Anthony Kelly
Primary producers must ensure reasonable measures, records and systems are in place to try to avoid food contamination.