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By Leila Rafi, Michael Burns, Hari Marcovici, CFA
Such monthly reports are due to be filed with the Reporting Entity's principal regulator the 14th day of each month.
By Kyle Lambert, Jeffrey B. Simpson
The Plaintiff also sought $400 million in damages.
By N. David McInnes
Telus also relied on an alleged breach by Mr. Golberg of his fiduciary duty to Telus.
By Pablo Tseng
Since September 1, 2013, the Canadian Intellectual Property Office and the National Intellectual Property Administration, People's Republic of China have been participating in a patent prosecution highway pilot project, ...
By N. David McInnes, Rosie Schlagintweit
On October 29, 2018, the federal government introduced the Pay Equity Act as part of Bill C-86, Budget Implementation Act, 2018 No. 2.
By John Clifford, Graham Bevans
Bill C-86, the Budget Implementation Act, 2018, No. 2,[1] received Royal Assent on December 13, 2018.
By Patrick Groom, Kyle Lambert
On the heels of Bill 47, the Making Ontario Open for Business Act, through which the Ontario government undid many of the changes to the Employment Standards Act, 2000 and Labour Relations Act, 1995 ...
By John Clifford, Mikolaj Niski
The December 10, 2018 compliance deadline is now fast approaching.
By N. David McInnes, Hilary D. Henley
The proposed amendments are not yet in force but this is expected to occur in the near future.
By Adam Chisholm
It is generally safe to assume that records given to government institutions will be subject to freedom of information/access to information legislation.
By Katherine Reilly, Ruth Nieuwenhuis
In the recent Supreme Court of Canada case, Churchill Falls (Labrador) Corp v Hydro-Québec, the Court upheld the terms of a nearly 50 year old contract and confirmed the adage, "a deal is a deal."
By Sherif Abdel-kader, Tilaye Terrefe, Pablo Tseng, Keith Bird
With the coming into force of the provisions putting the Hague Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Industrial Designs into effect in Canada, Canadian companies and designers can now seek ...
By Leila Rafi, Samantha Gordon, Graeme McLaughlin
The decision clarifies the constitutional validity of the law and upholds the establishment of the Cooperative Capital Markets Regulatory System
By Adam Gotfried
Generally, the burden of proof in civil cases is easy to understand.
By Gordana Ivanovic, Paul Boshyk, Alexis Lemajic
Coffey v Nine Energy Canada Inc. 1, a recent decision of the Alberta Court of Queen's Bench, confirms that summary judgment is not appropriate to decide an assessment of damages for pay in lieu of reasonable notice.
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