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By Yang Li Ph.D. (Alex), Matthew Johnson
During an inter partes review (IPR), it is usually the Petitioner that raises grounds of unpatentability against a Motion to Amend that the Patent Owner ...
By Emmanuel De La Rochethulon, Laura Fraedrich, Chase Kaniecki, Diego A. Ortega, Schuyler J. Schouten
The Situation: The Office of the United States Trade Representative ("USTR") determined that France's digital services tax ("DST") unreasonably burdens or restricts U.S. commerce, particularly...
By Vishal Khatri
In a recently issued order, ALJ McNamara relied on her Ground Rules to require the parties to limit their cases and focus on their best theories.
By Peter E. Devlin, Linda Hesse, Rory Hood, Joel May
On December 6, 2019, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission rejected a proposed New York Stock Exchange ("NYSE") rule change that would allow companies to raise capital in a direct ...
By Tony Chen, Haifeng Huang, Chiang Ling Li
The Situation: In addition to the current standard patents and short-term patents, Hong Kong is making available original grant standard...
By Ignacio Santabaya, Mercedes Fernández, Christian Fulda
Spain does not have specific legislation governing class actions but it does have provisions, essentially in the law for the defense of consumers and the civil procedure law...
By Jürgen Beninca, Matt Evans, Nicolas Brice, Eva Monard
Over the past few years, Germany has strengthened the AWV regime. In parallel, the relevance of Germany's foreign direct investment control investigations for M&A transactions involving non-EU...
By Michael A. Lavine, Matthew Johnson
Following on Judge Newman's dissent in Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH v. Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc., parties are seeking to preserve their rights by challenging the Federal Circuit's
By Peter E. Devlin, Rory Hood, Linda Hesse, Joel May
In February 2018, the SEC approved amendments to the NYSE listing requirements, which opened the door to direct listings for private companies whose shares did not actively trade...
By John Marlott
While PTAB proceedings are ordinarily decided "on the papers," in certain rare cases the Board will permit live witness testimony at the oral hearing.
By Timothy Heverin, Morgan K. Restaino
Following guidance from the Federal Circuit, the PTAB has vacated a previous Board decision granting Covered Business Method review in Apple, Inc. v. Universal Secure Registry LLC
By James Beh, Kenneth Driver, David Martin Connelly
The Decision: The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's ("FERC") Opinion No. 569 establishes new methodologies under Federal Power Act ("FPA") Section 206 for (i) determining whether existing...
By Lisa Ledbetter, Joseph Sconyers
The Situation: Reforming the U.S. housing finance system has been a frequent discussion topic in the years since the 2008 financial crisis.
By Timothy Heverin, Emma Murray
Issued on October 31, Arthrex held that the method for appointing PTAB Administrative Patent Judges violated the Appointments Clause.
By Jesús Gabriel Altamirano
The Development: Mexico's antitrust authority, the Comisión Federal de Competencia Económica ("COFECE"),...
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