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Contributor Most Read
By Bernard O'Connor
Amending the EU's Blocking Regulation to counter the re-imposition of sanctions by the United States is ineffective and does not ensure that EU enterprises will invest in, or do business with, Iran.
By Giovanni Moschetta
The harmonization of excise duties is a precondition for completing the EU Single Market. Directive 2008/118/EC[1]and related EU Law seek to harmonise the general conditions
By Tommaso Dalla Massara
The Italian banking world is currently going through a period of deep-rooted change.
By Ekaterina Aksenova
This Article is the first of a series of articles concerning inland waterway transport (hereinafter "IWT") in the EU.
By Bernard O'Connor
This article is based on a presentation made to the Montreal/Statale University 2018 Summer School in bilateral trade relations between the EU and North America, given on 28 May in Montreal Canada.
By Barbara Gattorna
Let's continue our analysis of the Regulation (EU) 2017/352 "establishing a framework for the provision of port services and common rules on financial transparency of ports"...
By Franco Rossi
In a democratic order, to ensure the legitimacy of decisions (and therefore their acceptability by the recipients), the administrative action cannot disregard the social consensus.
By Ekaterina Aksenova
Let's go back to a topic already dealt with in previous issues of our Bulletin, namely the call for input called by the Italian TRA on "Methods and criteria for ensuring fair and non-discriminatory...
By Luca Brandimarte
Let's continue our analysis of the important circular No. 187 issued by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports ("MIT") published in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic on 5 February 2018.
By Simone Gaggero
Now that summer has started, we believe it appropriate, for once, to put aside for a while issues related to great port matters and deal instead with a topic concerning leisure boating...
By Gianluca Massimei, Guido Zanchi
Judgment No. 1065 of 19 February 2018 of the Court of Appeals of Rome deserves special mention for being one of the few judgements dealing with the topic of Internet hosting provider liability ...
By Daniele Griffini, Egidio Greco
The Business Division of the Court of Rome, addressing – from what we can gather, for the first time – a topic little explored also among the Scholars, recently excluded that the quota-holder...
By Michelle Pepe
With the final judgement no. 3641/2018 the Italian Supreme Court has ruled on the creditor's right to undertake the clawback action against a family trust
By Franco Rossi
In our experience, in port areas, it is quite often unclear who can (legitimately) do what, which of course has an adverse impact on competition.
By Bernard O'Connor
On 6 April 2018, the Commission approved two measures for the purpose of encouraging ship registration in Europe and contributing to the competitiveness of maritime transportation.