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By Valerie G. Campbell, James Power, Paul D. Selver, Michael T. Sillerman, Gary R. Tarnoff, Elise Wagner, Jeff Mulligan, Sam Brill
On Dec. 20, 2018, the City Council adopted a zoning text amendment to require a special permit for the development of a transient hotel (Use Group 5) ...
By Noëlle Lenoir, Hélène Bérion
Procedures of due diligence are an essential part of compliance programs.
By Thierry Bonneau
Si les dispositions de l'article 17 du règlement (UE) n° 596/2014 du Parlement européen et du Conseil du 16 avril 2014 sur les abus de marché ne prévoient pas la responsabilité du dirigeant.
By Thierry Bonneau
Paris consultant Thierry Bonneau's article "L'accès aux Données Bancaires au Regard du Respect de la vie Privée," was published on the French publication La Revue de Droit Bancaire et Financier in December 2018.
By Gilles Kolifrath, François Poudelet, Jérôme Blanchet, Linda Sharkey
Publication par l'ESMA de ses lignes directrices concernant les indices de référence d'importance non significative
By Gilles Kolifrath, François Poudelet, Jérôme Blanchet, Linda Sharkey
On December 20, 2018, ESMA published its guidelines for non-significant benchmark indices and proposes less stringent requirements for both their directors and supervised contributors in the following four areas:
By Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel LLP
KL Snapshot is a bi-monthly newsletter encompassing the latest articles and seminars of the Paris-based lawyers.
By John Coffey, Gary P Naftalis, Alan Friedman, Lydia Deutsch
On Jan. 4, 2019, the Supreme Court granted certiorari in Emulex Corporation, et al., v. Varjabedian, a case teeing up the question ...
By Samantha Ettari
As the reach of the Internet of Things (IoT) expands, counsel must learn to harness the increasing explosion of data to effectively extract relevant information in litigation while balancing
By Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel LLP
This article offers an overview of the different features of qualified opportunity funds and like-kind exchanges, and although both options may be used to alleviate your immediate tax burden,
By Hubert de Vauplane, Victor Charpiat, Mathieu Hejduk
The notion of distributed ledger was first introduced to French law in 2016 by Ordinance No. 2016-520 of April 28, 20161, which allows its use for the purpose of recording the issuance and sale of minibons.
By Pierre Storrer
Paris counsel Pierre Storrer authored an article titled "Missed Opportunity Between the ECJ and the Payment Account" ...
By Pierre Storrer
Publié au JOUE du 12 novembre, le règlement (UE) 2018/1672 du 23 octobre 2018 relatif aux contrôles de l'argent liquide entrant dans l'Union ou sortant de l'Union abroge le règlement (CE) ...
By Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel LLP
Public Alternative Funds Archive - 2016
By Daniel Rabinowitz, Reid Feldman
On Dec. 18, 2018, the Trump Administration signed a bilateral agreement on prudential insurance matters between the United States and the United Kingdom (the U.S.-U.K. Covered Agreement).
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