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By Tony Park
Where a risk is foreseeable but highly unlikely to occur, employers are only expected to take reasonable precautions.
By Fletch Heinemann
The rules for determining the rate of company tax have changed, depending on if the company is a 'base rate entity'.
By Scott Bartlem
Unless special arrangements are added for the children, the survivor is free to alter their Will after their spouse dies.
By Annie Smeaton
Employers should still be careful before using a new incident as justification to terminate an individual's employment.
By Annie Smeaton
The Department argued that the teacher's physical symptoms rendered her unable to safely perform her duties as a teacher.
By Craig Turvey
To minimise future disputes, schools should ensure their enrolment forms allow separated parents to convey their wishes.
By Fletch Heinemann
Distributions of dividends from trading companies through family trusts into bucket companies would be less attractive.
By Leanne O’Neill, Kathryn O’Hare
The laws acknowledge that negotiation is part of a business transaction so landholders should be compensated accordingly.
By Annie Smeaton
This recent case discusses when a teacher's conduct outside school hours could be a valid reason for summary dismissal.
By Charles Sweeney
Schools should have plans and procedures to respond to data breaches, to help avoid any possible reputational harm.
By Marcus Ford
Clearing Category X vegetation and other 'exempt clearing work' may now trigger the need for a development permit.
By Clinton Jackson, Steven Jell, Hayley Mitchell
There was a conflict between the roles of administrator of her late husband's estate and claimant of his death benefit.
By Fletch Heinemann, Sarah Lancaster, Murray Shume
The ATO has recently moved its audit activity more towards sensible commercial tax planning rather than tax avoidance.
By Fletch Heinemann, Sarah Lancaster, Murray Shume
Medical and allied health professionals must consider payroll tax payments when structuring and operating their practice.
By Belinda Winter
Casual employees in horticulture will be paid overtime and agriculture programs receive additional funding in the Budget.
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