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By Vaish Associates Advocates
That most of the currencies in the world including the currency of India i.e. rupee, are Fiat currencies.
By Gaurav Jain, Anshul Sachar
Supreme Court holds that outsourcing services provided by E-Funds Corporation, USA to its Indian affiliate does not constitute Permanent Establishment under the India-USA Tax Treaty.
By MM Sharma, Head Competition Law & Policy Practice
Though the Order is not final and appealable, CCI in this prima facie order has recognized the sanctity of and has refused to intervene in the long term Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) ...
By MM Sharma, Head Competition Law & Policy Practice
The CCI in this landmark order has redefined the limits up to which the concept of single economic entity can be put to use to defend potential antitrust charges of bid rigging by two subsidiaries of a group ...
By Vaish Associates Advocates
The Supreme Court of India in the case of Aravali Power Company Private Limited vs. M/s. Era Infra Engineering Limited (decided on September 12, 2017) held that if the appointed arbitrator is an employee of one party ...
By Vijay Pal Dalmia, Partner
While deciding the said appeal, the Hon'ble court held that the power of compounding is exercisable even when proceedings are pending.
By Vijay Pal Dalmia, Partner
Section 482 preserves the inherent powers of the High Court to prevent an abuse of the process of any court or to secure the ends of justice.
By Vaish Associates Advocates
The NCLT in the matter of Synergies- Dooray Automotive Limited and in the matter of Ms. Mamta Binani vs. Edelweiss Asset Reconstruction Company Limited and Others approved...
By Vijay Pal Dalmia, Partner, Rajat Jain
On the basis of various cases that have come before judicial authrotities for adjudication, the following 3 possible scenarios which may have bearing on determining whether offences under...
The Competition Commission of India (CCI) vide order dated 12.09.2017 has dismissed allegations of cartelization against the Air Cargo Agents Association of India.
The regulatory "war" has begun in India in the backdrop of the ongoing tussle between telecom giants to grab the maximum share of the huge market for telecom services, both voice calls and data services.
By Sulekha Kaul
"Labour" is a subject in the "Concurrent List" under the Constitution of India where both the Central and State Governments are competent to enact legislations subject, however, to reservation of certain matters...
By Sulekha Kaul
These objectives are sought to be achieved through enactment and implementation of various labour laws, which regulate the terms and conditions of service and employment of workers.
By Sulekha Kaul
The Trade Unions Act, 1926 (the "Trade Unions Act") seeks to provide for the registration of Trade Unions in India and for the protection of the same.
By Sulekha Kaul
The Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 (the "ID Act") has been enacted for the investigation and settlement of industrial disputes in any industrial establishment.
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